Monday, February 06, 2006

A Question for Our Readers

This morning I received the following email message:

"I love your journal entries - it keeps me in touch and gives such pleasant thoughts and memories.
The last week something weird has happened. The writing seems to be going off the page - did you do something at your end...or is it my problem? Warm thoughts of Okracoke - see you in June!"

One local reader also reported the same problem. However, every computer that I have looked at shows no problem. Are other readers experiencing the same thing -- having to scroll right to left? I may have inadvertently made a change one day. If I knew on what date the problems began I might be better able to correct it. Thanks for any help.

Our current monthly Ocracoke Newsletter is Gary Mitchell's essay "I Believe in Pot-Lucks," published January 23, 2006. You can read it here:



  1. Anonymous11:49 AM

    I just checked because I noticed the same thing, the first entry that doesn't display correctly is the one for Sunday, January 29th, entitled "Work". Oddly, when I just clicked to post this comment, the text for this entry shows correctly, although it didn't in the regular journal. I'll keep reading any way :-), but I hope that helps. Perry

  2. Anonymous12:31 PM

    I read your journal frequently as I so love that island and can remain connected to it through your entries. I, too, have to scroll left to right to read your entries. I have not logged on since last Wednesday, but the entries from the article about moving the cistern to now are too wide for the screen. Hopefully all will be corrected soon -- I've exeperienced motion sickness from reading the most important news I get each day -- what is happening on Ocracoke Island. Candace from West Virginia

  3. Anonymous1:01 PM

    Just so you know, evidently not every computer is experiencing problems. My entries are just fine and have not changed in the few years I have been enjoying your posts. I am a teacher and at the end of a busy and sometimes stressful work day, I relax and am taken to Ocracoke. Keep posting no matter what.

    Also, I also am sorry for the loss you and your family experienced with Leon's passing.

  4. Anonymous2:07 PM

    Saturday was the first day I noticed the change, while trying to read about Leon's passing.

  5. Anonymous2:16 PM

    I too am having trouble with the messages going off the page. I agree it does make me rather sea sick. I truly enjoy your blog and check it everyday as a moment of sanity. We have been vacationing on Ocracoke for about 10 years and have all decided its our favorite vacation spot. Please keep the blog postings coming. Suzanne from WV

  6. Anonymous2:35 PM

    I too noticed a hitch in the text scrolling far off the page to the right over your past two or three entries, but today all appears right again with the world.

    What concerns me more, however, is to learn that there are at least five other people out here in the ether who rely on your postings for a bit of Ocracoke sanctuary.

    I thought I was the only one.

    Please, please, please, do not tell anyone else about Ocracoke. Let's keep it to ourselves.


    (How 'bout them Steelers?)


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