Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Bon Voyage

Yesterday afternoon at five o'clock the sky was gun-barrel gray. Rain clouds had been forming and scudding by overhead most of the day. Several people even spotted a couple of waterspouts out in Pamlico Sound earlier in the day. But there was no rain.

We came, Amy, David, Lachlan, and I, to bid "fare-thee-well" to Emma Lovejoy, a rising senior who will be leaving her island home in a couple of days, to spend a year in Copenhagen. The yard and house were full of well-wishers. Danish flags flew from the porch facia, a map adorned the wall. There was even a letter from Emma's new host mother displayed for all to read.

Hamburgers were cooking on the outdoor grill and picnic tables were piled with side dishes. And then the heavens opened. There was a rush to grab plates of salad, deviled eggs, & creme puffs. A line was formed and, quick as a wink, the food was brought inside. In moments the porch was crowded with young and old alike. When the rain cloud passed and folks returned to the yard we were all relieved that the porch had held solid.

We'll be looking forward to hearing from Emma as she embarks on this new adventure overseas. Bon voyage, Emma!

Our latest Ocracoke Newsletter is the story of the Black Squall, a brig loaded with circus animals that wrecked on Ocracoke in April of 1861. You can read it here.

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  1. Anonymous8:54 PM

    Farvel, Emma! Held og lykke!:o)

    I went to school in Denmark as a child and it was wonderful, learning about the fjords & fyns.
    My crazy mother still lives there :o)
    Tivoli at Christmas...enjoy!
    (And Denmark is made up of islands...you'll be right at home)

    Love, Sheila, Charlie, Sam & Emma