Monday, July 16, 2007

Manteo & Points North

Lou Ann and I made an overnight trip this past weekend. We left on the 4 pm Hatteras ferry Saturday and drove to Manteo to spend some time with our good friend, Jim Fineman. Jim is a fine potter and a gracious host. This was the first time Lou Ann had an opportunity to see Jim's kiln and studio. It is a model of simplicity and efficiency.

That evening we went to see the Lost Colony, the oldest outdoor drama in the US. We'd both seen it before, but it was fun to be there with Jim. He knew lots of folks because he has worked in the Colony and is a long-time resident of Manteo. As a special treat, Eileen Fulton, soap opera star who began her acting career in the Lost Colony decades ago, gave a cameo performance. I have never been a soap opera fan, so I had no idea who she was, but everyone else seemed to know.

On Sunday Lou Ann and I toured the Elizabethan Gardens (beautiful, and well worth the time if you will be spending any time on Roanoke Island). We were inspired to stop at a nursery and purchase a car full of outdoor plants and bushes for our now pitiful, but soon to be attractive front yard.

In the afternoon we stopped to see the latest Harry Potter movie (I believe the last movie I've been to was in November of last year!). By the way, Books to be Red on School Road, will be hosting a Harry Potter party this Friday at 10:30 pm. Sales of the latest book will begin at midnight!

The ferry ride home at 8 o'clock was tranquil and relaxing. We enjoyed our weekend excursion, but were happy to be back home where life is a lot less hectic.

Our latest Ocracoke Newsletter has information about the new island Folk School. Click here to read about this new venture.


  1. Anonymous9:21 PM

    What did you think about the Harry Potter movie?

  2. Anonymous11:24 AM

    Phillip this is not a direct comment about this particular post. I grew up across the sound in Atlantic. I was second or third cousin to Corky Mason. I was wondering if you could tell any stories about Corky. I am taking for granted that these stories can be told on a family friendly website. The times that I met him and in knowing the tendacies of my family I am sure that there are some interesting ones!
    Thank You- William Mason

  3. Re. Harry Potter -- It was a fun movie, but frankly, I don't get real excited about fantasy flicks. I don't get off the island much, as you might have guessed (!), but when I get to the movies I prefer something on the quirky, mysterious, or odd side, especially with a twist at the end.

    Re. Corky Mason -- I remember Corky well, but didn't spend a lot of time with him. Mostly I'd see him in his store, or later on at Wayne's fish house. I remember some short stories about the store and other people -- e.g. Wilbur Gaskill...and a friend of mine visiting from off-island. Maybe sometime you could send me your recollections. In the meanwhile maybe I'll find time to write down my stories after the season slows down.