Saturday, July 21, 2007

Harry Potter and the Ticking Clock....

We are a small quiet island gently rocking in the Atlantic....but when it comes to Harry Potter...we celebrate in style!

Last night at 10:30 the doors to the Community Center opened to let in wizards and Harry Potter look-alikes of every age as the clock counted down towards midnight. There were swarms of folks from locals to tourists. I met a librarian from Vermont and a farmer from Ohio!

Now I must make a confession. I do not own all of the Harry Potter books, and I did not even buy one at the bewitching hour last night...or was it this morning? (I can always get mine at the library!) But, oh, I was caught up in the magic. I punched out the lenses in an old pair of sunglasses, found a magic wand (one should never really be without a magic wand!), sprinkled purple glitter in my hair and presto.....a Sybil look alike. Off to the Community Center I wandered and was greeted with another spray of glitter as I entered.

I was amazed at the transformation and the work involved! There was a large graffiti board that asked our opinions...What will happen to Harry Potter!! (I have an opinion, but hope I am wrong!!) There was a great apothecary shop where we could make our own remedies. (Eye of newt and toe of frog...hmmm....that does sound familiar!!) I could have also made great eyeglasses and magic wands, but seeing as how I already possessed those I passed.

It was the seer I was most interested in. Yes...I waited with bated breath until my turn to casually (my heart was beating rapidly) pull aside the filmy curtain and have my tea leaves read. I didn't care about the plastic five gallon pail of water next to the table or the stream of children waiting to get, this was my moment. And what did the seer find for me? Romance. Well, that was definitely worth waiting in line for.

We had our pictures taken too, in a floating gilded frame. I thought mine was really quite dramatic and mystic as I held out my magic wand and pursed my lips. Katy Mitchell thought I looked more like a leftover porn star. But what does she know, she is only 19!

There was music too. I think it was Sundae, David, Marcie and Lou...although with those black wigs and capes it was difficult to tell. They sang the Monster Mash and Love Potion Number 9. Actually I joined in on the chorus on the stage for the last one, but couldn't really see the words as the rims of my broken out sunglasses kept getting in the way.

Behind the scene was the ticking of the clock...the Harry Potter clock. Exactly at midnight books were falling into arms of adults and children alike.

I decided to leave then and headed out to Highway 12. I had hitched a ride earlier but they were far gone so for this midnight hour journey I had to walk. It was quiet and dark and a bit spooky so I picked up my pace on the sandy pathway next to the road.

So, I didn't buy the book. The only remnants I have of the evening were a pillow full of purple glitter this morning and a blue half moon sequin that I glued onto the side of my face. Once a wizard, always a wizard, I guess!!

Lou Ann

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