Sunday, July 01, 2007

Cookies, Bread, & Neighbors

Lou Ann baked a batch of cookies yesterday (as well as two beautiful loaves of bread!). We ate a light supper while the bread was baking, then took it out of the oven and let it cool on the kitchen table (it was a major act of will to not slice into it right away). Lou Ann had a rehearsal at Deepwater Theater at 6 o'clock, so she needed to be on her way. She and a bunch of other island ladies will be doing a special performance this coming Saturday night (look for posters around the village).

So we walked across the lane to carry a tray of cookies to cousin Blanche, and to sit and visit for fifteen minutes. Then Lou Ann was off to the theater. I stayed a while longer, chatting about old times and new times.

After rehearsal Lou Ann and I sat down on the back porch with freshly baked bread, butter, two kinds of cheese, and a bottle of red wine. We even lit a candle and our copper yard torch. It was a lovely evening.

Our latest Ocracoke Newsletter has information about the new island Folk School. Click here to read about this new venture.

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