Saturday, July 14, 2007


She had a flashlight in her hand as she called over the fence, "Do you know why the power is out?" I didn't, but it didn't concern me. My neighbor this week (I think she is from Virginia, here on vacation) wasn't exactly concerned, but seemed eager to know exactly what was going on. We who have lived on the island for a while are used to the power going out and don't much question it. It doesn't happen as frequently as it did in years past, but generally we simply continue what we were doing, while reaching for the matches and oil lamp.

Lou Ann was at Deepwater Theater enjoying a performance by Marcie and Lou and Friends when the lights blinked and went out. They continued the show with the help of a member of the audience who shined his flashlight onto the stage. By all accounts everyone had a great time.

Back home after the show, Lou Ann and I sat on the porch swing with a glass of wine, an oil lamp softly glowing on the table. All was quiet and serene, a fitting way to end the day.

We were disappointed when the lights all blinked back on and air conditioners started humming once more. So we went to bed.

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