Thursday, March 20, 2008


As many of our readers know, Ocraocke's oldest resident, Muzel Bryant, died last month at the age of 103. She had lived with family friend, Kenny Ballance, for a number of years. At Muze's funeral Kenny's brother, Alton, delivered the eulogy. I have reproduced the eulogy as our latest monthly newsletter. It is a moving tribute to a kind and gracious lady. You can read it here:


  1. Anonymous12:11 AM

    Thank you for sharing that piece on Ms Bryant. So heart touching. May she be at peace. God bless her family and friends.

    Terrie @ Walkertown NC

  2. Anonymous12:52 AM

    What a fittining tribute to an obviously wonderful woman. For those of us lucky enough to have known someone of her generation we should be truly grateful. We should listen to what they have to say, and learn from their experiences, and appreciate what they have to offer, both in the way they lived and what they learned along the way. I am sure that she will be missed..

  3. Thank you for your tribute to Musie.

    I'm a writer in Bombay, India, and have long been fascinated by the Outer Banks islands. Visited twice, and your newsletter and blog, that I've only recently stumbled on, makes me wish I had had the time to stop and meet some of you, not least Musie.

    Nevertheless, I wrote an article about Ocracoke for the December '07 issue of one of our travel magazines, "India Today Travel Plus". The magazine is not online, but the article is on my blog here.

    Hope you enjoy it.

  4. Thanks for the link to the article. Well done, though Warren & Job Wahab were born 1833 & 1835, not 1855. The threes have weathered to look like fives. Hardly anyone knows this about these graves. Check it out the next time you're on the island!

  5. Anonymous10:50 PM

    Thanks for posting this Philip...
    As always Alton did a great job!
    She was an amazing lady!

  6. Anonymous10:57 PM

    I'm sorry I never knew Musie personally. She is a true example of what Ocracoke people are all about. A fine neighbor, a god fearing woman, and a genuinely nice person. May her memory live on in all of our hearts. I know she will be fondly missed on Ocracoke. Mr. Howard, thank you for taking the time to publish this tribute to her.

    Also, thanks to Kenny Ballance. He must be a wonderful person. May God bless him for his service.


  7. Thanks for the correction, Philip! I am trying to write a book, and this visit will figure in there, and I will make a mention of the numbers wearing as you say they have. But I'd love to know more about this -- I did read your Newletter piece about it of course.

    May I ask you to drop me a note at Thanks a lot!