Thursday, July 16, 2009

Broken Bones...and a Hacker!

What a time we've had. Tuesday was Lou Ann's "volunteer day." She went out with the Park Service before dawn to help monitor turtle crawls on the beach. There were two false crawls, but no nests or eggs. In the afternoon she opened the lighthouse so visitors could step inside and hear stories about the structure, the keepers, their families, and the island. After supper she walked to the Fire Hall to help out at Bingo.

On the way home, about 10 pm, she tripped going up the steps at the schoolhouse. Gail, our health provider at the clinic, knew right away that Lou Ann had broken one or more bones. So, after immobilizing her wrist and arm (and an injection of heavy-duty pain medication), we headed for the ferry. The ferry personnel were waiting for us, and we left on the midnight boat. It was nearly 2 a.m. when we arrived at the hospital in Nags Head. The doctor and staff there were wonderful. (Lou Ann told them we were there because we were having a baby! I guess the pain meds were giving her an extra dose of humor.)

After more drugs and x-rays Dr. Nicole (I never heard her last name) set the bones (Lou Ann had broken her radius and ulna, near the wrist), and put on a splint (it seems more like a cast to me). After this ordeal the x-rays looked great.

We left the hospital about 6:30 in the morning, and arrived back home about 10.

By evening Lou Ann was ready to sell tickets and perform at the Wednesday night Opry! (If you see her out and about, please remind her to take her pain meds!)

Late yesterday afternoon (when we were trying to get some needed rest) I learned that a hacker had replaced our Village Craftsmen home page with a Turkish political rant. I couldn't deal with it then, but I came over to the office early this morning and got our web site back up and running as it's intended. I changed passwords and added some extra security, so I'm hoping it won't happen again.

Anyway...I hope our readers will understand why I didn't post anything on our journal yesterday, or earlier today!

Our latest Ocracoke Newsletter is the second half of my father's short journal. I call it Remembering Growing up on Ocracoke. You can read it here.


  1. Anonymous9:39 AM

    Wow What a day! Hope you heal up fast! All the best. You listen to Philip and take your medicine Lou Ann.

  2. Cathy9:47 AM

    Holy cow! Glad everything turned out OK. When I went to check your blog this morning I encountered the hacker's webpage. very scary! I even went to far to put a comment on Lou Ann's blog to bring it to your attention. Have a great day!

  3. Anonymous11:30 AM

    So what did you name the little bundle of joy??? "having a baby..." PRICELESS!! LOL!!

  4. Steps can be tricky. Joan's broken ankle is proof positive

  5. Anonymous1:07 PM

    Heres wishes for fast healing! And tell that darling Gail "Hi" from Sheila.

  6. Anonymous1:46 PM

    Sorry I had to be the bearer of bad news with your hacked site -- I was the one that called and spoke to Jude about it!

    Lou Ann, best wishes for a speedy recovery -- be careful!

  7. Anonymous2:35 PM

    Lou Ann raises an interesting question -- are babies born on Ocracoke Island?
    With an aging population --Emergency medical care needs are they being met on OI? ---If her health care coverage requires her prescriptions to be filled by mail order...

    Modern day trials and tribulations -- I hope the bones heal properly I know of several older women that broken their wrists with falls-- too common -- but it sounds like it was a long day up at dawn to watch turtles

    climbing steps at night are they properly lit? safety first carry a flash light next time-- Be Safe

  8. Anonymous4:37 PM

    Drunk again.

  9. So sorry to hear of Lou Ann's unfortunate accident -- especially after a full day of volunteering! That's so not fair! Glad that she got to Nags Head Hospital quickly and got the needed attention required. Hope she is feeling better soon and hugs to her!

    And Phillip, so scary about the turkist political rant! Glad that that got straightened out! Hope that he doesn't find my blog! LOL

    What a day! Hope that the rest of the week is a little less active for you both! Whew!

  10. Anonymous6:23 PM

    WOW!!! Here's hoping that TGIF and the weekend will bring the both of you some well needed rest! Lou Ann, take those medicines...the body cannot heal as fast if it is fighting pain! Do take care, both of you! All our best, jack, celeste, katie, kelli in williamsburg, va

  11. Slip and fall, eh? On someone else's property, eh? Pain and suffering, eh? HMMMMM. I must be a lawyer. My mouth is watering.

    But seriously, folks, best wishes to Lou Ann for a speedy recovery!


  12. Anonymous9:27 PM

    I visited the Nags Head hospital last year for an ear infection, and like you folks, had a great experience there. The staff was skilled and friendly, and it was probably the quickest ER visit I've ever had (less than 30 minutes altogether). I would highly recommend it to anyone visiting the Outer Banks and in need of medical attention.

  13. Anonymous7:30 AM

    The ER is not a walk in clinic. The biggest player in this health care reform is the Hospital lobby group oh yes you heard me correctly . The Hospitals where in-efficiency and far too many tests are the norm. People get sicker at some hospitals.

    It is nice to know the hospital on Nags Head is Doing their job. but an ER visit for an ear infection hmm the pain could not wait for a reg Dr. appt. or a clinic ---- the 46 million uninsured people are the new customers to the Hospitals that are resisting "change" fearing cuts as it is now but a new norm is on the horizon. or is it smoke and mirrors that they resist only knowing in the long run they still are benefiting. Yes go back to school everyone go to Med school your soaring school loans will no doubt be forgiven or interest rate reduced to a point your standard of living will not will not suffer i say.

  14. Mr. Howard-

    We were at Ocracoke about a month ago and my wife just loved your store. What is meant by the term "false crawl"?


  15. Oh no! But really, really funny about Lou Ann's announcement at the ER. Take care.

  16. Anonymous9:06 AM

    Philip, please forgive me -- but your last poster just kind of irked me.

    I have worked in emergency rooms as a nurse for ten years and one in the Outer Banks sees more than its share of things that would normally be seen by a family doctor. The OBX hospital specifically runs an urgent care separate from their regular ER during the tourist months to accommdate exactly the type of complaint that the previous poster had.

    I'll not debate health care reform with you, this is not the proper forum -- but do tell, if you're in the OBX for a week, get an ear infection on the first day and your family MD is in say......Indiana? Will YOU wait to see that person or do you want the pain to go away so you can enjoy your vacation?

    I rest my case on this one.

  17. Wesley9:23 AM

    Now if we could just trade the broken bones from Lou Ann to the person that really deserves them - the hacker!

    That sort of thing baffles me...what do they really think they are going to accomplish by hacking an AMERICAN web site to post TURKISH political ramblinges. Who cares!? Ah well...glad you were able to get it easily straightened out.

  18. Reggue9:33 AM

    So sorry to hear about the busted wing after such a day of giving. Is this what "No good deed goes unpunished" means? Hope all mends well, and you can enjoy a few days of pain meds.

  19. LuAnne9:49 AM

    LouAnn, what a bummer that you broke your wrist! I suppose you'll want help getting your room back in order when you get back! Hope to see you at Satek. Call when you get home! LuAnne

  20. Did you know that the Pope fell and broke his wrist? Lou Ann can keep up with the big shots!!!

  21. Anonymous11:43 AM

    Thanks to all of you for the sweet notes and tales. First off, I did break both of the bones in mr right arm. Gail at the clinic came in late that night to administer pain relief, wrap my arm and make arrangements for the midnight ferry. She was wonderful. The hospital was professional as well as quick to service my injury. They did think the baby announcement was funny.It was all my fault, hurrying home from the ghosts and shadows! My turquiose sling is full of glitter and sequins. Lou Ann

  22. Anonymous2:00 PM

    perhaps the person with the ear infection actually was attended at the urgent care clinic not the ER even though they said ER.

    One has to admit ER means emergency- sure go to an urgent care clinic for an ear infection by all means that is what they are set up for--- but you sit in an ER while the gun shot victims stabbings drug ODs will be tended to first or drunk drivers unwrapped from the telephone pole hit and run victims etc.

    How did they get the ear infection from a chlorine pool with not enough chlorine or refreshed chemicals?? Do tell inquiring minds want to know.

  23. Anonymous8:56 AM

    Anyone can develop an ear infection called "swimmers'ear." Caused by water in the external ear canal that just sits there for a bit. Warm and moist=bacterial infection. Painful, but easily treated.


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