Sunday, July 05, 2009


Ocracoke Island's Independence Day "parade" was a solemn affair this afternoon. There were only a few entries (a couple of fire trucks, a few horses, one antique automobile, and several other vehicles), and everyone was subdued. But at the NPS parking lot Joyce Reynolds, pastor of the Ocracoke United Methodist Church, spoke briefly about the grief and loss from yesterday's explosion, the island's sense of community, and the bravery and dedication of our volunteer fire fighters, emergency medical technicians, doctors, nurses, and other responders . Sam Garris, pastor of the Ocracoke Assembly of God, read a passage of scripture and offered a brief prayer. Sundae, Jamie, & Gary led the gathering in singing the National Anthem, and, later, God Bless America.

Volunteers passed around a fire fighter's boot to collect donations for the families of the five workers who died or were injured in the explosion Saturday morning. There has been so much to think about in the last thirty-two hours that no local organized effort has yet surfaced to provide assistance to the one survivor and the families. When I learn of a fund or an address to which to send donations I will post it here. I understand that the lone survivor is now listed in fair condition.


  1. Anonymous7:42 PM

    Our thoughts and prayers go out to the workers and their families as well as all those whose lives have been touched by this tragedy. Know that our hearts are with you!
    jack, celeste, katie, and kelli
    williamsburg, va.

  2. i just heard the news about that horrible accident. i've been coming to ocracoke since i was a baby... it's been 25 years of wonderful memories. i will be keeping the families and victim in my prayers!

    -lauren ludwig - avon,nc & upper saddle river,nj

  3. All of Ocracoke and the fireworks crew has been on my heart since we first heard yesterday. We come to Ocracoke every year, and all of you are special to us. you are in my prayers.
    Lisa Uotinen
    Daleville, VA