Wednesday, March 03, 2010

Oh No!

For years I have been telling people that there are no raccoons on Ocracoke. I know they are numerous on Portsmouth Island (they can be a nuisance when they climb down chimneys in the historic structures and tear things up). But I have never seen a raccoon on Ocracoke.

A few days ago Gene Ballance sent me this photo of his porch:

(Click on the photo to view a larger image, and look in the center of the picture!)

I wrote to Gene. Is this a doctored photo? I wondered.

This is what Gene wrote back:

"Definitely a raccoon. We see them walking down the ditch at low tide here. Others have see them too. NPS has also caught some in their cat traps on Ocracoke, I hear."

So there you have it. We do have raccoons on Ocracoke.

Our latest Ocracoke Newsletter is about several early 20th century itinerants who traveled to Ocracoke, including the story of "Blackie of the North Woods ". You can read it here:


  1. Anonymous7:34 AM

    Not only can they come down chimneys but they will get in through dryer and stove exhaust vents! They will really tear up a house! Sorry to hear about this.

  2. Anonymous8:22 AM

    Is that a bed set up for the raccoon?

  3. No, that's not a bed for the raccoon. I'm pretty sure it's for a cat.

  4. Anonymous8:52 AM

    Oh, NOOOOO! I HATE raccoons! I even wrote on my blog about them ...


  5. Anonymous9:07 AM

    On Bald Head Island they are such a nuisance. They came in from my Jenn-Air exhaust and tore my place up! Get rid of them quick!

  6. Anonymous9:23 AM

    oooh nooo!!

  7. Awww! How cute. What's his name? Rocky?

  8. Anonymous4:01 PM

    Y'all better exterminate them quick or you will be over run with the critters!

  9. Anonymous4:03 PM

    Bet they enjoy all that cat food that is put out for the cats...David in Fayetteville

  10. Anonymous4:18 PM

    There goes the cats at the post office the coons are moving in!

  11. Anonymous4:57 PM

    How do you suppose they got to the island? Surely they couldn't swim from Portsmouth Island ... could they? I can't imagine anyone bringing one over on purpose!

  12. Marcy Desulis5:41 PM

    Philip, I just received the saddest news from Jude about Marcy and Lou's little Charlotte. My heart absolutely breaks for them.
    Do you know if there is a place they would like donations sent or is there a flower shop where I could order flowers for the funeral? Thanks for your help.
    Marcy Desulis

  13. Debbie Leonard6:21 PM

    I hate raccoons. I have always loved camping at Ocracoke because there weren't any.

  14. Philip, can I suggest maybe you share an updated list of mammals on Ocracoke, spotted this century; include the lesser spotted lucky hold'em shark too, if u care to..