Friday, March 26, 2010

What's Going On That Lot?

Several readers are wondering what's going to go on that lot on Highway 12 near Lighthouse Road now that the house has been razed. "Subway?" "McDonald's" "Hooters?" No. No and alas No.

First, the lot belongs to our noted blogger, Philip!

I (this is Bill) spoke with him and HE says "its going to be a Tattoo, Piercing and Scarification Parlor!"

Then he said, "Just kidding!"

I guess we'll just have to wait and see.

This month's Ocracoke Newsletter is about "Ocracats" and was written by Pat Garber. You can read it here:


  1. Anonymous8:21 AM

    The house was razed? Was anything recycled? We drum into the younger Generation to reduce reuse and recycle and now we hear of a house being razed!! Why would there be a building razed on such a place that puts the emphasis on history? Why no pictures of the before and after or during the process. The moving of the house made famous in the movie Something Rondanthe was even on the internet for crying out loud!! Okay, it probably was an ugly cement block structure that had no "historical" or Hysterical significance. I guess the debris was pushed into a pile and Burned -- nothing wrong with putting a few toxic particulates into the atmosphere; the easterly breezes will send it over the mid section of the united states What me worry.

    If the area is residential it would be residential construction if the owner has applied for a zoning variance most likely --then well anything is likely . If market research has revealed anything-- it probably will be a cell phone tower to cash in on the broadband initiative the money to be made is with this broadband access to REMOTE locations

  2. Anonymous8:43 AM

    Just a note to the previous poster if one visits google maps and types in lighhouse Road a tour, er virtual tour of images can show a "visitor" what is housed and there is indeed a mix of residential and commercial along that street. Granted it is near a highway intersection (Irwin garrish/Highway 12) and one can suppose the traffic along the highway would lend itself to zoning the property as commercial, Coincidentally or not many of the commercial buildings appear to be former residential units converted to real estate and or originally motels hotels restaurants and the like. How fortunate those that long to visit ocracoke can with their computer and clicking on Google maps. The Internet is an amazing thing

  3. If I can get scarified, I might be worth the 29 hours it takes me to travel between Ocracoke and Boston!

  4. Relax. I believe that the house in question was an older "double wide" and there was no burning involved.

    Nothing historic.

    Maybe Philip will build himself a "Village Craftsmen South."

  5. Anonymous9:24 AM

    If it is the double wide on the corner of Lawton Lane it was an eye sore. Best to be gone!

  6. Anonymous9:40 AM

    An eyesore ! an eyesore on a lot owned by mr. howard.?? How could that be?? If one eyesore begat other eyesore the circle be unbroken

  7. Anonymous11:32 AM

    The pile is still smoldering now...

  8. Anonymous11:35 AM

    How is the Census taken on Ocracoke since only P.O. boxes are used?

  9. Anonymous11:38 AM

    Let it burn asbestos and all!

  10. A census worker showed up at my door yesterday. It's done door to door on Ocracoke because of the PO Box addresses. It took less than 10 minutes and was very pleasant.

  11. Anonymous2:11 PM

    It's obvious the first comment is from someone who has never set foot on Ocracoke.......with any luck, they never will.

  12. I agree with the above poster...and I might add that Mr. Howard always has Ocracoke's best at heart in all things. To understand Ocracoke, one must visit...

    By the way, Bill, thank you for taking on the job of blog posting. I so look forward to the Village Craftsman's posts, as it keeps us in touch with our beloved island.

    Linda Borneman

  13. Anonymous6:26 PM

    Phillip Howard? Empty lot? I heard it was going to be a strip joint and I don't mean antique furniture... Do you think locals will get a discount?

  14. Anonymous8:43 PM

    A confirmed rumor here on the island is that Philip has purchased a WINGS franchise and construction will begin soon. Those buildings can go up quickly. He hopes to have it up and running before the end of this summer season. If all goes well, he will be opening a second location across from the Variety Store. A third store is scheduled to open in 2011 near the harbor. A forth store will open across from Howard's Pub in 2015. B. Ullcrap, PR Director for Wings stores says, "Ocracoke has always been a target area for our company. We know the island can support 4 if not 5 stores. We look forward to being a part of the island's charm." Philip Howard was not available for comment

  15. Anonymous7:46 PM

    Well when i read the report of a building being razed.. I, a frequent visitor to to the East Hampton Star web page and other related sites which feature House Demolition permit of the month and it speaks to the houses demolished on the north Fork and other locales and the march of the mcMansion --Huge edifices reflecting the EXCESS of the 1990s- 2000s housing debacle flipping and now they are underwater and john Q who pays his modest mortgage on a modest home gets no help but the eyes are bigger than your wallet owner/i was going to flip this house because the price was going to double but the bubble burst and now the bank that lent me the money for the house which was not worth what they lent me has gone bankrupt and the toxic loan has been bundled with other toxic loans and i really don't know who i should send the check to but i can't sell the house because i don't have clear title so i think i will walk away and let someone else worry who owns the house with a cloudy title history which drags down the economy because all the empty houses in a once nice neighborhood will be inhabited by what were once known as homeless people wait maybe they want to be homeless they don't want to mow a lawn they don't want obnoxious neighbors they want to be what was once known as Hobos and ride the rails wait there are no railroad trains anymore wait Warren buffett just bought the Atcheson Topeka and the sante fe so yes there will be trains and hobos

  16. Anonymous6:27 PM

    Any place else, I would be worried about the future of the lot; however, I know that Philip, the good, thoughtful steward of Ocracoke land and history that he is, will take extra good care of it. Make no mistake, that lot is in excellent hands and those of us who love Ocracoke to the very depths of our souls should be extremely grateful that Philip owns that property! I hope I will NEVER see a franchise on Ocracoke Island!

  17. Anonymous8:45 AM

    Hope Ocracoke stays like it is and not "TRASHY", like some other beaches. At least decent families have a place to go. Esp. w/ kids!