Sunday, March 14, 2010


Village Craftsmen re-opened for the season yesterday at 10 am. Several other businesses also opened recently. There aren't a lot a visitors on the island yet, but many schools will have spring breaks in the next few weeks, and that will bring families back to the island.

I am preparing for warmer weather by cleaning and neatening up my screened porch. I'll rehang my hammock soon. It's the best place to read a good book. The forecast calls for temperatures only in the low fifties for the rest of the week (the surrounding water is still cold and that keeps our spring temperatures lower), but it will warm up soon.

If you are on the island be sure to stop by Village Craftsmen. As most of our readers know, we carry a great selection of American made hand crafts -- pottery, glass, metal, wooden items...and much more.

Our latest Ocracoke Newsletter is the story of early twentieth century itinerant salesmen, entertainers, and preachers who found their way to the island. You can read it here.


  1. Anonymous8:30 AM

    How I would love to be on your beautiful, charming island this very moment and to stop by your unique shop after a peaceful stroll on Howard Street! I was in Ocracoke last October, my first trip since my husband died from Multiple Sclerosis, and it seems like a lifetime ago. Philip, you took time to speak to me while sitting in those relaxing rocking chairs @ the Community Store. We chatted for a spell, just enjoying the beautiful, autumnal weather. A very pleasant memory! Thanks! Also, keep up the fantastic work w/ the Ocracoke Journal and newsletter! Makes me feel I'm a part of Ocracoke!

  2. We are heading to Duck in a month. This year I swear we will be making it to your little island. I will ad this shop to my list of things to visit.

    We are so excited to finally get there.

    Thanks for your blog, it makes me feel like I've been there already.