Monday, June 28, 2010

Moon Over the Ocean

Saturday night, after the wedding*, several of us took a ride out to the beach. As soon as we turned from Lawton Lane onto NC Highway 12 everyone gasped in awe at the huge orange ball suspended above the village in the east.

On the beach we stood in silence or talked quietly as we stared at the moon, watched its reflection shimmer and float upon the waves, and felt the tide waters lap at our toes. It was a magical much so that we returned last night right after sunset.

Gradually a few stars became visible, then a pale light appeared in the east. About 9:30 the moon peeked it's pumpkin head above the Atlantic Ocean, and slowly drifted up to join the big dipper and several other visible stars. It was truly spectacular.

*Wedding photos will follow in a day or so.

Our latest Ocracoke Newsletter is another tribute to the memory of islander and independent spirit Don Wood. You can read it here:

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