Friday, June 25, 2010


Well, Lou Ann is settling into her island home. This winter I made space for her in my outbuilding. Not space to sleep. Oh, to do research, and to write. I moved out all of the junk that was piled up inside, and made a few improvements -- put on a new roof, insulated, installed heat & A/C, and repaired the windows and the door. Lou Ann is over there writing an article as I compose this blog. It's still Spartan in the outbuilding; she didn't even have a place to write. So I stacked some large paint buckets, laid a piece of plywood on top of them, and created a "desk." She is as happy as a clam at flood tide!

Lou Ann's mother is having a super time at Ocracoke, her first visit. We've been to the beach, to Springer's Point, and around the village to inspect gardens and chicken pounds (our long-time readers will remember the lively discussion we once had about chicken pounds [chicken yards]). Friends Cathy & Mark came in late last night. Buddy and Jamie arrive sometime later today. (Not everyone is staying in my tiny house!)

A couple of people have asked for photos of the wedding on Saturday. Maybe. This is going to be a very simple, uncomplicated affair. No frills or big parties. And only a few attendees. Buddy has made it abundantly clear that he wants it short and simple. Jamie there may not even be photos. And if so, they may not want them published. We'll see.

Our latest Ocracoke Newsletter is another tribute to the memory of islander and independent spirit Don Wood. You can read it here:


  1. Welcome back to the Isle of Dreams, Lou Ann! I'd like to read some of your writings. Where might I go to do that?

  2. Anonymous12:19 PM

    Glad to hear Lou Ann is back on the Island, hows she getting along?
    When you cleaned out the old outbuilding, hope you didn't get rid of old stove you had stored!
    It's HOT here in NC Mtns, so know it's to hot for me on Island, see you in late October, cooler by then I hope! Glad you put AC in Lou Ann's new work building! Post photos of Wedding when you can, any chance it will be double wedding?

    (building new website for my old NC stoves,

  3. Clem, I have an article this month in the Observer on page 22. It has received favorable comments! Enjoy!
    I also have a weekly column in our local paper back home in Indiana.