Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Women's Arm Wrestling

That's right...the 2nd Annual Ocracoke Women's Arm Wrestling Tournament is tonight at 8:00 at S'McNally's outdoor restaurant on Silver Lake Harbor! Registration is at 7:30. Prizes will be awarded for first place, runner up, and best costume. Cost is $5.00 to wrestle...and $6.00 to watch! All proceeds benefit our new community radio station, WOVV (90.1 on your radio dial). I missed last year's tournament, but understand it was the event of the year.

Our latest Ocracoke Newsletter is Captain Rob's essay, "Schooner Windfall Sails into the Final Sunset." You can read it here:http://www.villagecraftsmen.com/news052110.htm.


  1. Featuring Rosie the Riveter, no doubt!

  2. Anonymous12:15 PM

    ...you might be a redneck if...

  3. Anonymous1:12 PM

    Off-topic questions ... if someone were ill enough to have to be air-lifted off the island (if they'd had a heart attack or stroke) to what hospital would they likely be taken? Nags Head? Someplace on the mainland?

  4. Anonymous2:07 PM

    You might be a redneck if.... you stalk Village Craftsmen's website constantly just to make idiotic comments to the blog... No wait, thats would make you a loser.... And to the other question, ppl that are in need of a life flight are sent to Greenville.

  5. Anonymous6:06 PM

    Ok Jerk, I read this blog everyday because I think Philip Howard is an outstanding fellow, a great citizen, a skilled craftsman, an overall good person. I love to read what is going on, on the island.

    "Stalking" please. "Idiotic comments" Well sorry you felt that way. I meant nothing by it. It was all in good fun. I imagine Phillip is perfectly capable of defending himself, and doesn´t need you monitoring the comments he gets on his blog.

  6. Jane, VA9:59 PM

    Greenville is one destination but Ocracoke is the southern most limit of flight for Nightingale, based in Norfok at Norfolk General.

    There's also Carteret County Hospital and Craven County, over on the mainland near Cherry point. Marine Corps choppers have flighted people off the island also when needed.

    I don't know if they fly to the Outer Banks hospital but I would imagine Nightingale could go there if they had a very critical situation. Usually they head for Norfolk General hospital -- their flight time to Ocracoke is 21 minutes -- add load time and time to make certain that a patient is stable? They could conceivably be back in Norfolk within an hour.

    **whispering** I'm an ER nurse that works for the Sentara organization which flies Nightingale and which Norfolk General is just one hospital in the system of....6 full service hospitals and 3 free standing emergency rooms.

    Nightingale completely rocks and they LOVE Ocracoke, even though their reason for being there is usually pretty critical.

    It's also my understanding taht folks that are less critically ill are taken by ambulance to the Outer Banks hospital, even if they have to call a ferry into service in the middle of the night.

    Perhaps too much info, sorry!

  7. Just a gentle rebuttal to the person who took offense (apparently) at my "Rosie the Riveter" comment: (a) I am NOT a "Loser," (b) I am NOT a "redneck," (c) I am NOT a "stalker," (d) I AM a fan of Ocracoke and everything to do with it, and (e) Rosie the Riveter was an iconic symbol of the brave, strong, patriotic women who rolled up their sleeves and supported the World War II war effort while the men were fighting the enemy.