Sunday, June 03, 2012

Shower Window

Frequent readers of this blog may remember that I have an outdoor shower that I use regularly. It is particulaly pleasant in the early morning and late at night. Bird songs add to the experience in the morning, and stars twinkling above the trees make evening showers all the more enjoyable.

Early on I installed a stained glass window in the shower to give it an elegant touch. For a while I clipped I light to the outside of the frame to highlight the colors at night, and to provide a bit of illumination inside the shower, but I never felt comfortable with a 110 volt socket so close to my shower, so I removed it.

[Added at 7:40 a.m.: I forgot to say that I replaced the 110 v. light with a solar powered spotlight. The photos below are with the new light.]

Below are a couple of photos of the stained glass window after dark, one taken with a flash, the other without.

Photo of Window with Flash

Photo of Window without Flash

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  1. Anonymous7:04 AM

    So you, Ocracoke....!

  2. Anonymous7:08 AM

    I forgot to add....fellow bloggers, do take a moment and check out Ocracoke Harbor Inn's Silver Lake web-cam. I've never seen so many boats docked in the harbor. Must be lots of folks on the island for the festivities.

    Gorgeous scene to enjoy even from some 200 plus miles away!

  3. debbie s.9:14 AM

    so lovely!!!! did you make the stained glass? my grandfather makes GORGEOUS stained and leaded glass pieces - I'm so envious of his talent!!!!

  4. I did not make the stained glass. It came from the old chapel at Lutheran Theological Seminary in Gettysburg, PA. It was discarded when a new chapel was built more than 50 years ago.

  5. debbie s.4:25 PM

    awesome that it was rescued! It's a lovely piece!!!

  6. A great grandfather of mine attended the same seminary. Interesting to think that he might have gazed upon it too!

  7. Anonymous6:36 PM

    Beautiful both with and without the light..


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