Friday, June 29, 2012

TV Appearance

This morning at 6:30 I was down on the dock at the Ocracoke Working Watermen's Exhibit (formerly Jack's Store).  Heather King and Jim Howard with WITN, a popular eastern North Carolina television station, were on Ocracoke for their "WITN News at Sunrise" program. It was the perfect setting. The lighthouse stood watch in the background, sailboats were anchored in the harbor, and one of our local fishermen motored by during the filming.

Kenny Ballance, our chief island ranger, was interviewed just at sunrise (the beam from the lighthouse was still shining over the water). Shortly afterwards our championship baseball teams were featured. Then I had a couple of minutes of fame as Heather King asked me about our popular Ghost & History Walking Tours. Of course, I had to tell her a little bit about Mad Mag Howard, one of our most popular island ghosts whom some folks tell me still prowls among our many family graveyards.

You can read more about the WITN program here:

They might even post videos of some of the interviews later on.

Our latest Ocracoke Newsletter is Molly Lovejoy's 2012 Ocracoke School Valedictory Address. You can read it here:


  1. Anonymous9:21 AM

    Some folks do TV, the others do movie commercials. Ah, the life of the rich and famous.

  2. debbie s.9:39 AM

    Hoping they do put some clips online! :)

  3. Anonymous10:42 AM

    Yes D. I'd like to see as well! Read about it in the Ocracoke Current and made myself a reminder except for didn't set my alarm and my own personal one goes off at 6:30-7 so missed it if it was streaming today. I was just up for wonderful Ocrafolk and as Phillip described, I could see it in my 3rd eye...yes those sunrise on Silver Lake are amaging images and likely are good marketing. If it goes up somewhere like on UTube or the station please post. So sorry about the toll issue...Sue M

  4. Anonymous10:50 AM

    And, would love to hear about Mad Mag! I have 6 dear college friends-we get together in Montana this year for a 40th and call ourselves the Magnificent Seven-or "Mags" Mag Men call them "Hags"-they are just jealous. Poking around my Aunt's geneology papers, I found a Howard...have't dug to find it again but will. Assume since it was in NC we are possibly related as well as to Mad Mag! Ha ha! Sue M