Sunday, July 14, 2013

Broken Wrist

Some of our readers have heard about Lou Ann's mishap. Three weeks ago, just as she was sharing one of the last stories on her Ghost and History Walk, two scary creatures jumped out from behind the bushes on Howard Street. Startled, Lou Ann stepped back, stumbled in a pot hole, fell, and broke her wrist. The culprits ran off.

After an ambulance trip to the hospital in Nags Head, and two visits with the orthopedist in Kill Devil Hills (who has a second home on Ocracoke), we are feeling rather confident that the doctor's manipulations and Lou Ann's purple cast will keep her out of the surgery room.

It's no fun to spend the summer in a cast...but things could be worse...and they could be better, too, of course, but Lou Ann is back to work leading her tours.  Take a look at our Ghost Tour web site for more information.

This month's Ocracoke Newsletter is a photo gallery of past July 4th parade photos. You can read it here:


  1. My bets on the pranksters would be Uncle Evans or maybe one of Blackbeard's crew, but I'm sure it was hard to tell in the dark. In any event, get well soon Lou Ann,

  2. Anonymous7:42 AM

    They took her by ambulance for a broken arm???

  3. Anonymous9:20 AM

    If anon 7:42 takes the time to click on the link in the right hand column on this page to read her essay. published in the paper, this link is about the ghost tour episode. perhaps it will be more clear to you and others shocked and disgusted that such a prank occurred. I hope the "ghosts" come forward and fess up with an apology. It is a small island community. how can such an incident occur with out others wise to it? it isn't so easy to stand ones ground I suppose er, Lou Ann what kind of shoes were you wearing? espadrilles?. D. Downer

  4. Anonymous1:10 PM

    Wow high dollar trip for a broken wrist! no wonder medical bills are high!.......did they use the lights and sirens? was the coast guard helicopter not available?

  5. Anonymous1:18 PM

    that's what you get for drinking and walking near potholes. put the bottle down!

    pirates quay visitor

  6. Anonymous1:32 PM

    We saw her staggering earlier in the day near the slushy stand. This is why the highway patrol needs to be here. By the way, what do they really serve under the counter at the slushy stand?
    the Creeker.

  7. Anonymous3:01 PM

    Now Now, let's keep it fun, don't take it too far...don't be mean sounding.

  8. Lou Ann, I hope you heal quickly, and without surgery. I also hope you're right-handed!

  9. Anonymous7:51 AM

    Did you take the cast off?Hope you feel better and dont have any pain.

    1. Thank you for asking. The cast has been off for several months, and the wrist healed well.