Sunday, July 28, 2013


For many years I have wanted to see the Gulf Stream, but just never made arrangements to do so. This past Thursday I made the acquaintance of an incredibly gracious family from Salisbury, NC. In the course of our brief conversation, I mentioned my desire to go off shore. Immediately the family patriarch invited me to join him and his son and son-in-law the next morning on the sport fishing boat Gecko.

 "Be down at the docks at 5:30," he admonished me. "Oh, by the way," he added, "you don't get seasick do you?" As a matter of fact, I have never been seasick, although I've been in some pretty rough seas on Pamlico Sound. I conveyed firm assurances of my stomach's hardiness lest the invitation be withdrawn.

Capt. Ernie Doshier and his mate, Rob, provided an outstanding full day experience. I even reeled in a respectable sized dolphinfish. Since this was my first off-shore fishing adventure, Capt. Ernie wanted to be sure to get a photo to prove that I was now a true fisherman.

Look for more about the fishing trip, several other photos, and more observations about the Gulf Stream in upcoming posts.

For more information about the sport fishing vessel Gecko, and other Ocracoke charter boats click here

Oh, by the way, I did not get seasick.

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  2. Anonymous9:29 AM

    Never been off-shore fishing, huh? Guess that seems a bit hard to believe way inland here--as if anyone who lived on the coast SURELY must've explored such ocean adventures, but...guess it's common wherever you live to accept such things as a fact of life, not so much a novelty.

    I find it interesting how you described your desire to "see the Gulf Stream." Again, to a novice this seems akin to someone saying they want to "see the river current," or "see the wind." It is what it is, isn't it--a "force" of the ocean? But something to be seen?!? Hmm... Looking forward to learning more about this.

    Also, you mentioned your "desire to go off shore." Based on your word choice, I suspect that phrase implies a STARK distinction that suggests a difference between merely "going out on the ocean in a boat" and "traveling off shore far enough to reach deep ocean water." So...

    ...more than usual, I'm very much looking forward to the follow-up posts about your latest adventure, Philip.

    Once more, thanks for keeping things interesting, as always.


    1. I will post a couple of photos in a few days. Then you will understand what I mean by "seeing the Gulf Stream."

  3. Anonymous9:35 AM

    That's a "classic" photo, by the way--bold, colorful, crisp. VERY nice. In the long run, more of a keeper than the fish--for your family members, I'd venture. :-)

  4. Anonymous12:43 PM

    What a great shot! Congrats! I did get out on the stream with friends once and I got very seasick. They put a live preserver in and tied me to the boat and I jumped in and immediately felt way mo betta Sue M./Macomb IL

  5. Anonymous2:14 PM

    Did you enjoy your mahi-mahi?
    I'm so jealous--all I ever got on my1st & last deep sea fishing trip was huge maldemer.

  6. Anonymous8:14 AM

    I have never been BUT it looks GREAT. I am very curious...which direction did you go (besides toward the ocean) and how far out......and how long did it take to get where you first caught something? Yes I am nosy but this is kinda

    1. The Gulf Stream is about 25 miles off shore. I didn't look at the GPS or the compass, so I can't tell you exactly what headings we followed. It takes about two hours to get to the Gulf Stream.

  7. Hard to believe this was your first trip. Glad you had fun. Didn't think you liked to eat fish LOL

    1. I love seafood -- fish, shrimp, oysters, crabs, clams.