Monday, July 15, 2013

Dockside Talks

This summer visitors to Ocracoke have an opportunity to learn more about island sailing traditions at the Community Square docks.

Free dockside presentations are scheduled for three times a week aboard the skipjack Wilma Lee.

Sponsored by the Ocracoke Island non-profit organization, Ocracoke Alive, the talks include the following:

Tuesdays at 11 a.m.: "The Story of the Wilma Lee" Take a tour and learn about this beautiful historic wooden boat with Tom Pahl.

Wednesdays at 1 p.m.: "Pirate Tales & Fiddle Music" True lies and lotsa "arrrrr." with Captain Rob & Fiddler Dave. 

Thursdays at 11 a.m.: "Sailboats on the Sound" Hear salty tales and learn about the colorful history of sailing vessels on Pamlico Sound with Philip Howard.

Programs will take about 1/2 hour and are free to the public. Come to the docks at the Community Square where you'll find the Wilma Lee.

Content and schedule are subject to change.

This month's Ocracoke Newsletter is a photo gallery of past July 4th parade photos. You can read it here:


  1. debbie s.9:27 AM

    Will they still be running the week of aug 17? Would love to come join you one day!

    1. The plan is to continue the dockside talks through the summer, and maybe into the early fall.

  2. Anonymous12:51 AM

    Does one need to don a life jacket if boarding the ship for a tour? D. Downer.

    1. Just request one, and it will be provided.

  3. debbie s.12:21 PM

    Thanks Philip! One month from today and we'll be 'home'! :)


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