Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Tree Fort

What could be more fun for a couple of young boys than building their own tree fort? Last week Lachlan and his cousin Eakin collected scraps of plywood, 2X4s and other lumber from my tool shed and from under my house...and commenced construction of their very own elevated perch, one that Tom Sawyer would have been proud of.

Eakin & Lachlan

 The best part about this project is that no adults were involved! It's pretty well hidden, but if you look carefully you might catch a glimpse of it while walking down Lawton Lane.

 Our current Ocracoke Newsletter is an account of Infant & Childhood Mortality on Ocracoke. You can read it here: http://www.villagecraftsmen.com/news072113.htm.


  1. Anonymous8:03 AM

    Did Lachlan get a haircut, or is it back in a ponytail? This is the first photo you've posted here where he doesn't look like a cute little boy anymore but rather a handsome young man. Great to see young kids in their element and having fun. Must be especially satisfying as their grandfather. And I'll bet the cousins are having the time of their lives together. Great photo. Thanks for sharing, as always.

    1. Yes, Lachlan decided to get his hair cut a couple of months ago. He is very happy with his decision. And, yes, he and his cousins are having a great summer.

    2. They'll have these great memories to look back on for a very long time; I have very fond memories of the beach from when I was a child... The barrier island I went to didn't have any trees to speak of on the south side of the island (and scrub trees on the north), but still... great memories and great times!

  2. Anonymous9:40 AM

    Tom Sawyer? did he build a tree house? if he was involved with a tree house someone else would have hammered those nails and collected the lumber!! An inter net search for TS and tree house in literature garnered nanda. However, according to Walt Disney that yarn spinner, such an Attraction exists. Now, the Swiss family Robinson is often associated with tree houses. An internet search revealed info on the original tree house for the movie, it remained on the island near trinidad once the set closed--at the request of the was it Tobago tourism folks , anyway perhaps those images maybe of interest to some of your readers. Now it has location, wood floors but the square footage is in realtor terms cottage -like. Perhaps these youths could post a video tour just beware of those thorn vines visible in the photo emerging from the lower right hand corner crossing the image to an 11:oo position

  3. There's nothing better in the whole world...