Monday, October 14, 2013

Jamboree Photos

Below are three photos to give you an idea of what to expect if you are on the island for the upcoming Pirate Jamboreee, October 25, 26, & 27.

Cannon Fire adds Authenticity

The Meka II, a Modern Day "Pirate Ship"

Gathering to Remember Fallen Brethren

Friday, October 25
Meet the Pirates & Mock Trial of Blackbeard’s Crew! 
Kids Costume Parade
Halloween Carnival with Food, Games & Lots of Loot plus the Cake Walk and QUIZO!

Saturday, October 26
Live History Pirate Encampment with the official Blackbeard’s Crew * Ship battles on Silver Lake with the Meka II and Ada Mae & Florie – Cannons Blazing! * Roving Pirates * Live Oak Beer Garden * Pirate Marketplace with arts, crafts, food & drink * Rumgaggers Piratical Tales & Nautical Nonsense * "Blackbeard Myth vs. Facts" by author Kevin Duffus * Kids "Scallywag" School * Little Pirates Crafts with the Ocracoke Preservation Society * Pirate Chantey Sing-A-Longs * Entertainment by Shadow Players Stage Combat Group * Music by the Motley Tones

Sunday, October 27
Blackbeard Memorial Service  

Our most recent Ocracoke Newsletter is a compilation of humorous stories told by or about islanders. You can read it here:


  1. Anonymous8:55 AM

    What a mixed message. Tom Hanks has a new movie out about the ruthless pirates on the Barbary coast and WDW has a ride about pirates from the Caribbean and children often trick or treat as a pirate. we embrace this culture why? Stealing ,maiming, r er pillaging, spreading disease no doubt, damn, that must have been fun!

  2. Anonymous9:02 AM

    What about re en-actors of the life saving service or the lighthouse keepers?. racing out to sea rowing or swimming in timed competitive events. Climbing up and down a lighthouse, entering handmade lightship baskets to be auctioned off for scholarship money, Costume contests of a light house keepers uniform Wai,t these activities would involve skill , physical aptitude and courage, and knowledge. Nevermind.

  3. Anonymous11:39 AM

    I have read the 2 previous replies and I first found them to be amusing BUT WAIT. My real first reaction to the reading about your blackbeard event (and I did type his name in small letters because this is all he deserves) was this guy was a law breaker. A thief. Possibly a murder, He committed so many crimes that outside forces had to come in to deal with him.

    He interupted the commerence of a new nation. He stole ships and plumdered. He committed grand thief and petty theft on a weekly basis and you are honoring him with a celebration? Oh, I forgot it's all in the name of fun.

    I must ask have there ever been any outstanding preachers on your island or honorable citizens? Do you honor them? Do you teach your kids about how to be a real man or woman. I guess that's not as much fun as swearing and stealing. please excuse me, my childhood learnings are coming to the surface. I guess my parents and grand parents taught me well. Carry on with your 'celebration'

  4. Would these articles suffice (just copy and paste into your browser)?:

    There are more. Just go to

  5. Anonymous1:08 PM

    OK Philip, I'm the An 11:39, you made your point. Good Show. I guess the kids can see both sides of life. They can see that crime doesn't pay.!
    Fair and Balanced.
    I went to all of your above links - it looks like a bunch of nice people on Ocracoke. Hope the weather is good.

  6. debbie s.1:31 PM

    Sure kids learn a lesson - be a criminal and be beheaded!


    Wish I could be there, sounds like fun!

  7. Thank you for taking a look at the articles. Over the years some remarkable people have called Ocracoke home.

  8. Anonymous9:01 AM

    If one rereads the comments for the Oct 8 post about the Jamboree one learns of the invalid pardon for Blackbeard and how a NC Gov was an accessory but the good buddy system was "unable" to gather evidence... it just shows to go ya that corruption exits today -- corruption and a self serving mentality of a materialistic society. Congress is corrupt but the same people are reelected you know the stats on your fav-o-rite football team but how did you representative vote in congress last session what riders on the Farm bill are they responsible for/behind?