Tuesday, June 02, 2009

This Coming Weekend...

...Ocracoke will host the tenth annual Music and Storytelling Festival. We call it the OcraFolk Festival. Posters and banners have been put up all over the village. If you are on the island, or planning to be, this Friday, Saturday, and/or Sunday, be sure to wander down School Road and Howard Street. Two stages will be set up for performances (one next to Books to be Red, the other next to Village Craftsmen), and artisans' booths will line the roads.

In addition to music, stories, and crafts there will be a pot luck dinner & auction (Friday evening), a square dance (Saturday evening), food vendors, kids' activities, chainsaw sculpture demonstrations, and a wandering mime.

You can read more about the festival here. Hope to see you this weekend.

Our latest Ocracoke Newsletter is "Remembering Growing up on Ocracoke" by Lawton Howard. You can read it here.


  1. We are planning to be there! Unfortunately, we will be leaving on Monday this year though. Sure hope to see you this weekend.
    Don and Mandy Davis

  2. Anonymous2:47 PM

    Wow your link better get with it!! Your link brings us to the 2009 poster I think very nice -- I think you should keep a banner with a trademark image of Ocracoke festival and the poster which the control panel takes you to is a clown for the art of a 2008 poster.

    Granted it was been ten years and I suppose you have collectors wanting poster of different art but the banners to save money could be the same image and then say Raffle those off to raise money

    Oh Philip do take pictures of banners about the island to allow us to pretend we are there in person or to motivate travelers to your island!!

  3. I'm not sure I really understand the last comment. But the OcraFolk web site is not mine. I have just linked to it. And I am not one of the folks in charge of the festival. I just support it, and help out where I can. I don't make any of the decisions. The YouTube video on the festival site home page probably does a better job of highlighting the festival and performers than any photos of posters that I could take.

  4. Anonymous7:55 AM

    Sorry just soo excited about this banner thing. Sooo many towns hoist banners about their main Street and usually the graphics are quite good. These banners you mentioned I realize your blog only promotes the knowledge of its existence not its creation, having said that, these banners are either created each year perhaps if a few more were printed up visitors would buy them as a souvenir-- just a thought. Your link to the event web site -- yes -- you are not connected to the content but this was a heads up to those that DO -- The new 2009 poster first thing we see -- then clicking on the control panel for posters one sees the 2008 image -- does this mean and this question is directed to them and any one else that cares -- does this mean tee-shirts with the NEW image for 2009 do they exist??

  5. Festival t-shirts with the 2009 logo will be available for purchase this weekend. I don't know how much they will be. Unfortunately, the t-shirt image on the official festival web site is last year's image. I'll mention this to David, but he is likely frazzled right now, and probably won't have time to update it. Also I don't know if the t-shirts will be available for purchase on line. It will probably depend on whether or not extra shirts are left over after the festival.


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