Tuesday, January 25, 2011

A Walk on the Beach

Because of my chest cold...and then the snow storm...I hadn't been out to the beach in a while. Yesterday afternoon I took a 45 minute walk along the shore. It felt so good to be near the ocean. Of course, most of the snow was gone -- just patches above the high tide line and on the dunes. But it certainly makes for a different view of the beach.

To my delight, there were numerous pods of dolphins swimming and cavorting offshore. Some were jumping, splashing, and even surfing.

And I found a sand dollar.

Our latest Ocracoke Newsletter is the story of Sam Jones, Island Legend. You can read it here: http://www.villagecraftsmen.com/news012111.htm.


  1. Anonymous7:11 AM

    Philip, so pleased to hear your "crud" has improved enough to take a leisurely winter stroll on the beach.

    You were certainly there at the perfect time! What a reward for your efforts.....seeing dolphins and finding a whole sand dollar!!!!

    As usual, I wish I was on the island. Your blogs help soften the pain of this NC mainlander not being able to be there in person while I reside in Person County. However, maybe one day my address will be Zip Code 27960!!!!!!

    Appreciate all the wonderful snow photos you sent over the weekend!

  2. So glad you are feeling better!

  3. Anonymous10:09 AM

    save the zip code. send a letter a post card something use the post office often use it or lose it. I think a hand stamped envelope with ocracoke North carolina is worth framing

  4. Anonymous12:55 PM

    To another Anonymous....I so agree!

  5. It is 76 degrees here on the Gulf Coast in the Tampa Bay area. Bracing ourselves for a low pressure system coming in from the Gulf in a couple of hours. Winds are high. The beach is gorgeous. Love the white caps we do not normally see on our calm water.

    We used to ride our bikes along the beach there and keep pace with the dolphins. It is so very beautiful on Ocracoke.

  6. Anonymous1:27 PM

    I happened to run across your blog as I was searching for seashell info. Have loved reading the entries! I got to spend 2 wks (1-17to 1/30)on Ocracoke recently and loved every minute of it! The dolphins were always available for a show! Didn't matter which ramp I went on to get to the beach, the dolphins were there ready to entertain. We even got some on video! Found quite a few whole sand dollars at South Point and beyond,4 whole Scotch Bonnets,and these tiny treasures called sea biscuits! We could only find the sea biscuuits near the campground ramp. Just wanted to say....LOVED OCRACOKE this time of yr and really enjoy your blog! p.s. The snow was unbelievable!!! Got lots of pics!