Sunday, January 23, 2011

Sunday Afternoon

We had about seven inches of snow fall yesterday. This morning Amy, Lachlan, and I (David is off-island) took a walk around the village, cameras in hand. Along the way we picked up a half dozen neighbors and friends. By eleven o'clock we were all back at my house sitting around the gas log stove, drinking hot chocolate (I think someone opened a bottle of Bailey's Irish Creme), and sharing stories.

I haven't seen Amy's photos yet, but I'm posting a few of the ones I took this morning. Be sure to click on any photo if you want to see a larger image. The streets were coated with a sheet of slippery ice, but already the temperature is rising and the snow is starting to melt.

My Outdoor Shower (I took a shower here yesterday morning when there was only a dusting of snow, but had to turn off the water to the shower to keep it from freezing):

The Methodist Church:

The Church, again:

Laura Stern, the Methodist Preacher, in the Church Yard:

Howard Street:

Near Howard Street:

Amy & David's Bikes:

Across From My House:

A Nearby Lane:

Amy & David's House & Car:

Another View of Howard Street:

Near the Howard Street Graveyards:

Village Craftsmen Icicles:

Take a look at yesterday's posts to see more than a dozen photos taken during the storm.

Our latest Ocracoke Newsletter is the story of Sam Jones, Island Legend. You can read it here:


  1. Just when I thought ocracoke couldn't get more beautiful, you prove me wrong again!

  2. Wonderful photos. Have never seen Ocracoke in the snow and I agree with Jess completely. Gorgeous.

  3. Anonymous2:53 PM

    Those photos.....ALL are fantastic. I can't stop looking at the photos of Ocracoke Island in the snow! I agree w/ the other bloggers....does it get any prettier than this?

    What a spectacular snow! What wonderful memories!

    No problem making snow angels!!!! Has Lachlan made any snow angels yet?

    Thanks for sharing!

  4. Anonymous3:49 PM

    Best slideshow ever-thank you Philip & of course thank you, Mother Nature. The ones from Howard St.are charming!

  5. Anonymous5:01 PM

    Yes thank you for bringing your camera and sharing such beautiful images. I have in the past chided you for not capturing images but WOW you have done some fantastic work documenting the shifting of the Earth on its axis. I say the cold weather shift and the zodiac signs realignment are a result --- I ain't a Leo no more

    I love it.

  7. Anonymous9:52 PM

    Perhaps this is all just proof of global warming!?! Somehow I think Ocracoke will survive.

    Thanks for sharing the great pictures. Wish I was there! It would be nice to be "snowed in" on Ocracoke.

  8. Anonymous9:55 PM

    OK, Phillip, Maybe this is a stupid question, but here goes:

    Does snow make driving on the beach any more difficult? Is it actually slick at all on top of the sand?

    I was wondering if it just adds to the added depth of the sandy fluff making bottoming out more problematic.

  9. Anonymous2:47 AM

    I just hope all the poor mosquitoes find someplace warm to weather the snow.



    Beautiful photos, Phillip. When's the last time the island received such a heavy snow accumulation? I've got to imagine it's rare.

    And what about accommodations for drivers? It's hard to believe the community would budget annual funds for snow removal and road salt. I suppose it's almost more efficient just to wait for it to melt.

  10. Nancy7:31 AM

    Ocracoke looks so beautiful in the snow! & I am glad you are feeling better. Thank heaven for antibiotics!

  11. The last time we had this much snow was in January, 2003. Here's a link to a few photos of that event:

    In looking at the 2003 pictures you will notice a vehicle stuck on the beach. The driver didn't reckon on the foot of snow on top of the sand, and the vehicle just bottomed out.

    The roads were ice covered and slick Sunday morning. However, I saw a state truck with a blade going doown Hyw 12 in the afternoon. It was one of those trucks they use to push sand off the road after overwash.