Monday, May 30, 2011

Blackbeard's Anchor & Friday's Post

Just a couple of days ago I learned that marine archeologists have raised one of the large anchors from the ship believed to be Blackbeard's flagship, the Queeen Anne's Revenge. The QAR was a French slave ship called the Concorde which Blackbeard captured and renamed. It sank in Beaufort Inlet in 1718, just a few months before Blackbeard was killed at Ocracoke while in command of a smaller vessel, the Adventure.

You can read more of this story here:

Two more comments...about Friday's post --

The number of people who have endorsed the petition calling for no tolls on the Hatteras Inlet ferries has nearly doubled since I signed the petition and mentioned it in this blog. I like to think that our readers have contributed many of these signatures. If you have not already made your voice heard, and you agree, please support the petition here:

When I posted the request to vote for Springer's Point and the NC Coastal Land Trust, Springer's Point was in 2nd place, trailing the leader by 63 votes. When I last checked the Land Trust was behind by only 26 votes. Again, I like to think that our readers have made much of this difference. If you have not already voted, please do so here:

Many thanks to all of our faithful readers and lovers of Ocracoke Island! We appreciate all of your concern for Ocracoke.

Our latest Ocracoke Newsletter is the autobiography of Frank Treat Fulcher. You can read it here:


  1. Anonymous10:56 AM

    Thanks for update on Blackbeard. You can see lots of pics by googling (Blackbeard anchor image)

  2. Here is a link to a YouTube video:

    Just in case the entire link doesn't show up, here is the first part:

    Here is the last part:

  3. Anonymous11:53 AM


  4. soulou12:36 PM

    So good to get caught up on the Ocracoke news! Started getting the newspaper again, the Mullet Wrapper arrived and Phillips newsy blogs. Also the Ocracoke Foundation has a wonderful new website with lots of news about fun projects. Thanks Phillip-the Festival looks wonderful!

  5. I stopped in to Rachael's coffee shop with my mom on Friday, and we read the story in the Fort Wayne newspaper. Interesting.

  6. Anonymous5:01 PM

    how on Earth did those crew members learn all their ropes--- a mizzen from a halyard from a tackle to a leech? Anchors were sure big back then. Also what did blackbeards flag look like? Did they really raise a skull and crossed bones flag?

  7. there was an article and pic in our Sunday paper the gazette/mail (Charleston, WV)

  8. Google "Blackbeard flag" (under images) and you will see dozens of photos of his purported flag image. However, according to displays in the Graveyard of the Atlantic Museum in Hatteras, Blackbeard may have actually used a more common "death's head" flag.

  9. Anonymous10:39 PM

    Thanks Philip,
    you've made big difference!
    Cheers, Camilla

  10. Anonymous8:48 AM

    NC mainlander was more than happy to vote for Springer's Point. Please continue to keep us informed of the results! THANKS!


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