Monday, May 16, 2011

Ferries Again

Many of our readers know about the continuing battle re. proposed ferry tolls at Hatteras Inlet. If not, here is my post from March of this year:

Below is a blog briefly explaining the latest developments:

And following is a link to a Facebook site dedicated to maintaining free access to Ocracoke Island for residents and visitors alike:

For a more detailed discussion of this issue, click on this link:

There is still work to be done. Please make your voice heard.


  1. Thanks Phil, you can also find us on Twitter:!/NO2theferrytoll so if you tweet follow us and re-tweet!

  2. debbie s.8:39 PM

    Done. :)

  3. Anonymous1:12 AM

    re: debbie s. your post in March got "lost in the pipeline" you promised a detailed post regarding the state law that dictates a no toll road. I am still waiting for you to cite the "state law" Deddie debbie debbie why is not your group willing to help defray the operational costs??? with a projected state budget shortfall of billions of dollars? oh by the way the US has reached its debt ceiling yesterday. A toll would cost what the going rate for two bottles of beer or a pitcher of draught beer on OI??

  4. Anonymous1:25 AM

    You know the census asks questions such as how many miles do you drive to work and the like. The Notion that a resident of a remote island may pay as much as a mainlander in gas taxes is subject for debate. If the rational is "I pay gas tax too" but how much compared to the average NC driver/commuter. It is fair game as someone on OI played that card. If you want to debate the issue you need facts not speculation and numbers from thin air.debbie s

  5. debbie s.8:34 AM

    Any attempt to change the current amendment in H200 and impose a toll, will be unlawful, according to NC statutes (§ 136-89.197, and § 136-89.187)

    And its not my group, I simply am passionate about ocracoke. I am not affiliated with ANY group.

  6. Anonymous11:29 AM

    Unlawful----"unless first approved by the MPO or the Rural Planning Organization" where the road is located. Be realistic in this day and age of email -- real letters with a stamp-- bags and bags of real letters makes for a nice photo for the newspaper protesting the change ----also the original theory of a no toll access was to allow access to your county seat ---- how many OI resident regularly attend local government meetings?? on the mainland via the free ferry how often is the free ferry used for "your own personal use" so to say ?? which is more often ??

  7. Anonymous11:31 PM

    This is starting to sound weird...and a little scary too.

  8. Anonymous2:27 PM

    I still say just put a locked donation box at each side of the Hatteras/Ocracoke ferry sites and if anyone wants to throw in a couple of dollars, then great! If not, then fine, too.

    As a visitor on the island, I would give something....just like I do when I visit the OPS museum and the Ocracoke Island lighthouse. A few dollars here and there can add up.

  9. Anonymous8:03 AM

    If one has he benefit of reading the headlines of weekly apers across the country-- one would often see vendors jobbers that bid a project for the city/county just walk away and leave the project abandoned. Perhaps this is why the State of NC stepped in way back when to provide ferry service on a regular basis it residents. Why is there not a state referendum---- put it to the voters of the state all registered voters--- should decide as to the fate of the Ferry toll ----- for who the Ferry is Tolled