Tuesday, May 31, 2011


I was out in Pamlico Sound Sunday on the Windfall II. We had been clamming and just enjoying the beautiful day and the warm water. On the way back to the harbor we spotted a small pod of dolphins just outside the "ditch" (the narrow channel that connects Silver Lake Harbor with Pamlico Sound). There were probably 5 - 6 dolphins, maybe a few more. They surfaced...then disappeared for a while. Suddenly one, then several, reappeared just off our port side.

It is not unusual to see dolphins off shore from the beach all winter long. And they frequent Pamlico Sound periodically. Every once in a while they even wander into Silver Lake Harbor. It is always a treat to see these playful and inspiring mammals.

Our latest Ocracoke Newsletter is the autobiography of Frank Treat Fulcher. You can read it here: http://www.villagecraftsmen.com/news052111.htm.


  1. Anonymous6:25 AM

    Nothing about the Fireman's Ball?

  2. I still haven't heard how much money was raised...but there was a big, and enthusiastic, crowd at the pig pickin', auction, & dance.

  3. Anonymous8:39 AM

    Sounds like another fabulous day @ Ocracoke.....while you were watching the entertaining dolphins frolic in the water, I was taking a stroll down Mt. Airy's main street with my mother.

    NC has such wonderful places and treasures from the mountains to the coast....from Murphy to Manteo....AND, we have the freedom to travel to these special places.

    While in Mt. Airy, we visited the Veteran's Memorial. It's very impressive and was landscaped with a huge, beautiful fountain, as well as a wall of soldiers which had been engraved in the granite.

    I hope everyone paused at least for a moment this weekend and remembered those whom have fought for our freedom in the past and for those who are making such sacrifices today.

    Philip, the next time you and Capt. Rob are "out and about", please take your camera with you!!! :)

    Glad you had a wonderful excursion!

  4. Anonymous11:20 AM


    I haven't heard much about Lou Ann as of late will she be on the island this summer?

  5. Anonymous12:27 PM

    You can read about Lou Ann's recent adventures on her blog -- http://louannhoman.blogspot.com/ -- although she does not post something every day.

  6. Lou Ann has snow days to make up (northeastern Indiana has different weather than Ocracoke!), so she won't be on the island until the week after the Festival ends. She is coming with her three sons and their families. I'm looking forward to to it...and I hope I'm prepared for the invasion!

  7. Anonymous6:13 PM

    Two words of advice...REST UP!