Friday, May 20, 2011

May Newsletter

We've just published our latest Ocracoke Newsletter. This month I reprint the short autobiography of Frank Treat Fulcher (1878-1971), Ocracoke island native, sailor, and preacher. It is a fascinating story of life at sea, shipwrecks, near mutiny, and a new life an interesting island character. It was written in 1965. You can read it here:

You can read a bit more about Frank Treat on a previous Ocracoke Newsletter:


  1. Anonymous10:42 AM

    Great start to my day to find a story about my ancestors. He was my great grandmother Epherena's brother. What a colorful character! DISCO

  2. Anonymous7:40 PM

    Speaking of good articles, I just want to let all of Philip's bloggers know about the wonderful article (pg#30)in the June edition of the "OUR STATE...Down Home in NC" magazine, written by Michael Graff/photography by Melanie Litchfield.

    You don't want to miss the glowing photo of Philip's treasured relative, the one and only Blanche Howard Jolliff, on pg #32! In fact, Michael begins the article with a cute interview between him and Blanche Howard. Blanche does NOT look her 91 years.

    Philip, have you seen the article?

    Good stuff!

  3. A neighbor told me about the Our State article (and Blanche's photo) today in the Community Store. I was hoping to get a copy, and then a friend from Manteo brought one to me. We just finished our Friday night poker game, so I will look at it right away. If I fall asleep I'll finish it tomorrow.

  4. Anonymous7:16 AM

    Hope you will enjoy the article! I'm delighted Blanche was interviewed and her wonderful pix is included. As I wrote, it's a "glowing" pix of her. She really looks so young for 91!

    Always exciting when OUR STATE, or any magazine, features Ocracoke Island. Nice pix of the lighthouse, too.

    Even if you fall asleep reading it, the article is worth reading twice!

  5. Of course I read the entire article before falling asleep. I hope all of our readers can get a copy. Even though Blanche doesn't like to have her picture taken the photographer did an excellent job. Blanche is simply an island treasure!

  6. Anonymous10:47 AM

    Agree!!!!! Please tell Blanche she added so much to the article and this NC mainlander from Person county thoroughly enjoyed reading it and seeing her beautiful photo!

  7. Hey Phillip, I'm creating this thought you might like to add it to your page.