Sunday, August 03, 2014

A Capella

Last week Bob Zentz and Jeanne MacDougall spent several days at our house, entertaining us with their music. They were on the island with a talented musical couple from the Netherlands, Ankie and Nanne. Ankie & Nanne stayed with Al & Linda Scarborough.

On Wednesday evening, after the Ocracoke Opry, Bob, Jeanne, Nanne, Ankie, and a half dozen islanders came over to our house for wine...and music, of course. I was surprised that no one brought out their instruments, but in no time at all the living room was echoing with the melodious sounds of traditional sea chanteys and nautical songs.

It is impossible to convey in writing the magical feeling as these accomplished musicians graced us with beautiful harmonies and heartfelt melodies.

Nanne and Ankie added even more to our week when we discovered that they are fluent in Dutch, English, their native Friesland dialect, and Esperanto, a constructed international language (I had never before met anyone who spoke Esperanto). They take their music around the world promoting peace and international good will. I was not aware that between 100,000 and 2,000,000 people worldwide fluently or actively speak Esperanto.

Earlier in the week Nanne, Ankie, Jeanne & Bob treated islanders and visitors to a spontaneous concert on the porch of the Black Schooner gift shop on the shore of Silver Lake.

What a gift they gave us!

Our latest Ocracoke Newsletter is an article about the Ocracoke Crab Festival which was held each May from 1984 to 1989. You can read it here:


  1. Anonymous9:10 AM

    The division of NC tourism should have you on their payroll or you should be a stringer for the Charlotte Observer at least. I can see the column title now Outer Limits or sumin' like that ha!

  2. Anonymous10:27 PM

    Ocracoke always offers such wonderfully, unexpected treasures...whether its seeing a trio of pelicans flying across the surf, breathtaking sunsets, and just impromptu, casual, come-as-you-are concerts. All free...just for the taking. Only Ocracoke. NC Mainlander so wishes she was there.
    So, as I write this post, the gentle, comforting music of Molasses Creek plays in the background. If I can't be on the island where my heart is the happiest, I bring as much Ocracoke to the mainland that can possibly be done.

  3. Anonymous11:07 AM

    We had the privilege of traveling on the ferry with this group. For the first 45 minutes of the ride, we were mesmerized by their beautiful music. Unfortunately, someone complained ending our lunchtime concert.


    Here is a fun video I shot at Rob and Sundae's store with the four musicians. Enjoy.