Friday, August 08, 2014

Fig Cake Bake-Off

As most of our readers know, Hurricane Arthur was not kind to our planned Fourth of July Celebration. But Ocracokers are a resilient bunch of people. Several of the cancelled activities have been re-scheduled.

Next Friday, August 15, 2014, from 3-5 pm the Ocracoke Civic & Business Association will host a Fig Cake Bake-Off. Bring your cake to the Community Square.

There will be two award categories: Traditional and Innovative.

Fig Cake by Island Visitor, Bear MacDonald

At 6pm I will be calling a traditional Ocracoke Island Square Dance. Molasses Creek will provide live music.  Fig Cake Bake-Off Awards and Announcements are scheduled for 7 pm, followed by a  Dance with the Ocracoke Rockers 8-10pm!

You can read more on the Ocracoke Current:

Our latest Ocracoke Newsletter is an article about the Ocracoke Crab Festival which was held each May from 1984 to 1989. You can read it here:   


  1. Anonymous7:02 AM

    Hope it will be a great celebration. NC Mainlander keeps listening to Molasses Creek and has just purchased their latest cd (the one of them standing in front of the lighthouse). Have fun calling the square dance! Would love to be in the crowd.

  2. Bear MacDonald8:05 AM

    Thanks, for posting the photo of the fig cake, It made for some fun playing around and I feel honored that you chose to post it. I only wish that I could be there to enter the contest.
    Speaking of Molasses Creek, while listening to WOVV yesterday, I heard a most lovely rendition of Gordon Lightfoot's "Early Morning Rain." Gary Mitchell's voice was easily recognizable and hearing a fiddle in the background, figured that it was one of the bands earlier recordings (2003). After a little on-line research, I learned that it was off the CD "Deepwater", which also has a version of John McCuchon's "Christmas in the Trenches."
    Is there any way that I can get a copy (used or new) of the CD "Deepwater"?


    1. Anonymous9:35 AM

      Early Morning Rain is a beautiful Gordon Lightfoot song.

    2. Molasses Creek albums are available at

    3. Bear MacDonald7:56 PM

      Thanks Philip,
      That album is only available through the Molasses Creek store in digital download format. My computer has some issues with downloading and playing. I might have to get a used copy from Amazon for $20 plus S&H. For now I'll put it on my wish list.

  3. Anonymous11:34 AM

    PH, back in 2009 OPS was to sell a house on Lighthouse Road. The Emma and Simon O'Neal house was listed at $264,000. Did it sell for the asking price?. Are the new owners willing to update and share with OIJ readers as to how the house is suiting them???? Thanks it sure had curb appeal....

    1. There is a contract on the house. Their application with the NC Preservation Office is being processed. We hope to see work commencing soon.

  4. Anonymous7:50 AM

    NC Mainlander appreciates Anon 11:34 for bringing up the charming O'Neal house. I admired it on many visits. much curb appeal. Would enjoy hearing of any progress made on renovation, as well. Thanks...

    1. I will post a report once rehabilitation has begun.