Thursday, August 07, 2014

Lou Ann

Every summer Lou Ann shares her enthusiasm for life, her storytelling talents, and her love of Ocracoke with islanders and visitors. You may have met her working at the Preservation Museum, presenting her "Radio Show" at the Wednesday night Opry, sharing stories & history at the lighthouse, or leading an evening Ghost and History Walk.

At the Lighthouse

Starting in mid-August Lou Ann will be in the Midwest, performing an original show at the Frank & Katrina Basile Theatre at the Phoenix Theatre 749 N Park Ave, Indianapolis, Indiana.

If you are in that area, Lou Ann invites you to her new show, City Girl Meets Mother Earth.

Even if you have never raised a garden, cooked on a wood stove or ridden a pig, you will be delighted with her, "What was I thinking?" story. This is Lou Ann's third season with IndyFringe.

Performances are scheduled as follows:
  • Friday-Aug 15-6:00pm 
  • Saturday-Aug 16-10:30pm 
  • Tuesday-Aug 19-9:00pm 
  • Thursday-Aug 21-7:30pm 
  • Saturday-Aug 23-9:00pm 
  • Sunday-Aug 24-3:00pm
Of course we miss Lou Ann, and everything she brings to Ocracoke...but our loss is Indiana's gain. And, we know that she will be back again, full of energy and enthusiasm, sharing her love of Ocracoke in her unique fashion.

You can follow Lou Ann on her web site:

Our latest Ocracoke Newsletter is an article about the Ocracoke Crab Festival which was held each May from 1984 to 1989. You can read it here:


  1. Julie S.9:49 AM

    Philip, do you happen to know if Ocracats is still active? The reason I ask is because we have been donating to them over the years, and they are always very appreciative, but our last check went uncashed and their website is quite out-of-date. Thanks!

    1. I am making inquiries. Check back later for more information.

    2. Julie, I just spoke with Gael Hawkins. Gael is very active with Ocracats, and she would like you to contact her through the Ocracats Facebook page ( Gael is looking into this, and hopes to be able to find out what happened to your check.

    3. Julie S.4:03 PM

      Thanks very much for the help! I don't have a facebook account but I do know Gael is often the one who sends me thank yous. Could you let her know that I wrote the last check over a month ago and when I saw it had not cleared I stopped payment figuring it was lost somewhere. I really just wanted to confirm that Ocracats was still active before I tried another donation. Thanks a lot!

    4. I will let Gael know later today. Ocracats is still active. Maybe your check was lost in the mail.I know they appreciate your contributions.

    5. Julie S.7:26 AM

      Thanks again. They NEVER fail to send a thank you note! Tell Gael she'll have 2 faithful volunteers in a few years when my husband retires!

    6. Anonymous8:45 AM

      What is the correct address one may use when sending checks? Perhaps a Nice sturdy 8X11.5 envelope or a No. 10 envelope would not "get lost in the mail" I do hope G.H. is able to locate the envelope and report back to as as the hard work of the USPS has been cast in Shadows!!! Granted it is a moot point.

    7. Send checks to Ocracats, PO Box 993 Ocracoke NC 27960.