Thursday, August 21, 2014

Monthly Newsletter

We just published our latest Ocracoke Newsletter. This month I share with our readers the fascinating story of steamship traffic to Ocracoke in the late 19th century. This includes information about the large Victorian hotel on the island, and the storm of 1899.

You can read the article here:


  1. Anonymous9:41 AM

    Speaking of OBX water traffic, my mother just gave a large batch of photos to me from her teenage years during the 1950s, and I was surprised to come across one image labeled "Crossing Croatan Sound on Ferry (30 minute ride) 7/30/52."

    The ferry is the "Governor Cherry," and if my late grandmother's notation on the back of the photo is correct about Croatan Sound, I guess it suggests the boat would've been hauling passenger cars to/from Roanoke Island. Maybe?

    Any insight into other such ferry lines servicing the greater OBX in those days, Philip?

    The photo shows a wide vessel rather similar to today's ferries, though with a much smaller/lower pilot house and no apparent passenger facilities on board like the rest rooms or air-conditioned lounges on today's ferries. About four vehicles appear to be parked in a single row down the center line of the deck, with plenty of room for at least one or two more adjacent rows of cars.

    It was great to find this snapshot-glimpse into the past of a favorite place of ours; even more so to know that my kids and I represent a third and fourth generation of our family to enjoy the Outer Banks. As I'm sure you can appreciate, with your own d-e-e-p roots in OBX history, here's to many more.

    Thanks--as always--for yet another interesting post, Philip.

    1. I crossed Oregon Inlet by ferry a number of times before the Bonner Bridge was built, but I don't have any vivid mental images of that vessel. I guess for me, as a youngster, that crossing was just a means to an end (getting to Ocracoke). I never traveled on any other NC ferries in the 1950s. It's great that you have those old photos!

  2. Debbie Leonard11:27 AM

    Very interesting article. It's fun to imagine what life was like for the visitors of the Ponzer Hotel.

  3. You make it look easy, but I know a lot of research goes into your effort to keep it interesting. Well done!

  4. Anonymous2:20 PM

    Phillip,as always sir you have made my day by having news from the past and present from heavens hidden place on earth.By the way Eduardo's completes our every visit.Very good.nick and debby