Friday, November 20, 2015


Nearly every Wednesday evening throughout the summer Capt. Rob Temple entertains folks at the Ocracoke Opry with stories and original poems. Capt. Rob's poem about Israel Hands, second in command to Edward Teach (Blackbeard), is an historically accurate retelling of his story in verse. The poem has been acquired by National Geographic. Below are the first two verses.

A Pirate's Tale: The Story of Israel Hands

I was strolling the lane through Hyde Park in foggy London town
when the cries of a beggar distracted me and caused me to turn around.
Approaching me from out of the mist was a shabbily clad old soul
hobbling along on a wooden leg with the help of a wooden pole.
From his deeps set eyes and leathery skin
it was instantly clear to me
that the guy was a tar who had journeyed from a far
and spent most of his life on the sea.

You can listen to Capt. Rob recite the entire poem here: Click on "Launch Audio" below Capt. Rob's photo.

Our latest Ocracoke Newsletter is the story of Capt. Horatio Williams and his schooner Paragon. You can read the story here:


  1. That was fantastic!!!

  2. Anonymous2:50 PM

    Good poem but don't think you can call it historically accurate.