Monday, November 09, 2015

Ten Thousand Breakfasts

Many of our readers are familiar with Oscar's House Bed & Breakfast, located on NC Highway 12. Many folks also know the proprietor, Ann Ehringhaus. In 2013 Ann published her latest book, Ten Thousand Breakfasts, a 206-page memoir of thirty years operating her business, including photographs, recipes, humor, and  quotations from many of her guests.

If you are looking for holiday gifts or would like some insight into one islander's life journey, for a limited time you can order Ten Thousand Breakfasts directly from Ann Ehringhaus at a considerable discount. Ann has operated Oscar's House Bed and Breakfast on Ocracoke since 1984, and this book is quite a tale of how she changed in order to share her home with now over 14,000 people!  This is a story of spiritual change affecting business change, and offers a lot of humor, some great recipes, and thoughts about sharing space and life with others..  From now until the end of the year Ann is offering her books for $10.00 each (the normal price is $18.00). Shippping is $5.00 for 1-2 books.  Please call Ann at Oscar's at 252-928-1311 or email her at to place your order or to obtain more information.

You can read reviews of Ann's book at or at

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  1. Ten Thousand Breakfasts is wonderful and enlightening. Oh, and I am mentioned in it.