Monday, May 30, 2005


Ants, mosquitoes, horseflies, water bugs, gnats, deer flies....we have them all (though no one I've heard of has seen any of those elusive deer for quite a while). It's summer now and the bugs are arriving. Just thought I'd provide "the rest of the story" for our readers. Of course most of you know that, as wonderful as Ocracoke is, and as much as we sing its praises, we do have occasional "issues" with tiny critters.

Luckily we have a mosquito control program that is quite effective, and the rest of the insects are mostly just minor nuisances. Of course you can always buy repellent from one of our local merchants if you need it. Let's hope you don't.


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  1. Anonymous10:16 AM

    Your comments on insects reminded me of a story my father has been telling for many years. I am a landlocked Illinois native surrounded by cornfields, but I have been a Ocracoke lover since childhood thanks to many, many trips to the Outer Banks, the last one being 2004. Now my own children are lovers of your wonderful island. Back in 1978, my parents and siblings and I decided to camp on Ocracoke, a new adventure for us. We found that there was a particularly aggressive fly that loved to bite, especially while one raced madly through the sand dunes before the strong ocean breezes blew them away. My father, while making a stop at the general store, asked one of the locals, "What's the name of that green-headed fly that has such a nasty bite?" The fellow replied, in all seriousness,
    "greenheaded flies". My dad nodded his head, came back to the campsite, and has been telling that story for many years. It's one of our favorites! Thanks for many good memories, Ocracoke. You are truly the "Pearl" of the Outer Banks.