Tuesday, May 10, 2005

A Full Day

It's nearly 11 pm and it's been a busy day. This morning I ran a gas line to the kitchen range in my newly restored home. It will be good to be able to cook once again. After lunch I trained our new summer employee, Amy Owens. She is excited to be on the island and we are looking forward to a great summer. Please welcome Amy to Ocracoke the next time you visit our gallery.

After work I joined a group of neighbors and friends for a potluck dinner and annual meeting of the Ocracoke Preservation Society. I left early to lead a ghost & history walk. Nine folks joined me for a fun walk through the village along narrow, winding paths and beside silent old graveyards.

My son-in-law, Fiddler Dave, is back from Molasses Creek's 2005 Spring Tour. It's wonderful to have him back on the island. Lachlan was smiles from ear to ear when he spied his daddy.

I just got home from visiting with Dave, Amy, and Lachlan. As I was walking down Howard Street, under the ancient live oak trees, & beside the old family graveyards, I noticed a foggy mist creeping into the night. Off in the distance I could hear the lonesome wail of the Cedar Island ferry's fog horn. Thoughts turned to spirits of the nearby dead. They were comforting thoughts, in spite of the otherworldly , almost surreal scene I had entered.

I was glad to be home.


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