Wednesday, May 04, 2005

A Large Sandbox

Nine month old Lachlan loves to go to the beach. He enjoys the breeze on his cheeks and he follows the gulls and terns with his eyes as we push his stroller along the tide line (modern, fat-wheeled strollers are wonderful!). But most of all he likes to explore at the base of the dunes. He crawls for yards, sometimes straight ahead, at other times in grand circles.

Of course he stops often to examine broken shards of seashells, blades of grass, or sticks that have washed up on the beach. He leaves tracks that resemble those of a loggerhead turtle laying her eggs. His most enduring fascination is with the sand itself. He wiggles his toes in the powdery dry sand and lets it run between his fingers. Then he looks up at us and smiles from ear to ear. What a joy!


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