Wednesday, May 18, 2005

Island Life

Yesterday I was standing in line at one of the local grocery stores with one small item. Just before my turn I realized that I didn't have any cash with me. I didn't want to run a tab or use my charge card for only $3.50, and I didn't want to get out of line and go back home for money. So I did the next best thing. "Byron," I said (Byron was ahead of me, in the process of paying for his purchases), "would you pay for this too? I'll pay you back later today or tomorrow."

Of course he did, with a smile, and a comment: "Only on Ocracoke!"

Today I was driving down Highway 12 when I noticed that Michael had pulled out directly behind me. I wanted to ask him a question so I made an educated guess about where he was headed. He stayed right behind me. When we parked side by side I told him that may have been the first time I ever followed someone by driving in front of them.


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