Monday, May 02, 2005

Ocean Report

This afternoon Amy & I took Lachlan to the beach. We pushed his stroller through the soft sand (not as difficult as it might sound) and then along the hard-packed sand near the surf. The water was the "bluest green," truly extraordinarily beautiful. And the waves were gentle but steady. One lone swimmer was cavorting in the breakers (I think he was about 14 years old).

After a two mile stroll we let our youngun explore along the dunes. He crawled, first in circles, then made a bee-line for a pile of shells some distance away. On the way back he stopped frequently to examine a lone strand of beach grass, a twig washed up on the tide line, or simply a handful of tiny grains of sand.

What better way to spend an afternoon? None that I can think of --for him....or for us.


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  1. You know Phillip, I too used to watch a baby amaze me just with her presence..the awe it brought to me with everything that child did..that child was none other than our Jaren, she was so inquizative of everything, life just couldn't be answered for her..then she found Ocracoke and I thank God for it everyday. She has found life at it's fullest, and someday her Mama will to my sis Jude......


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