Saturday, May 28, 2005


In a recent post Bob McKinnon commented that over the years I have "told many tales about [my] dad." He wanted to know if I have stories about my mother to share. I am delighted he asked. And l will take his inquiry as an opportunity to write an upcoming monthly newsletter with some stories about my mother, Kunigunde.

Briefly, however, the reason my on-line stories have focused so singularly on my father is quite straightforward. I have always considered my web site (especially the monthly newsletters and daily journal) a way to share Ocracoke history, stories, and photos. Ocracoke, not my life in particular, is the common thread that connects our readers.

As many readers know, my father was born and raised on the island and our family history is intimately connected with Ocracoke's history. My mother, on the other hand, was born in Pennsylvania to first generation Hungarian immigrants. It is not that her story is less interesting or less influential on my life. It is just that Ocracoke does not play as prominent a role in her history.

Nevertheless, Bob's question is all the prompting I will need to tell you about a kind, sweet, honest woman who had a major influence on my life. Look for her story in an upcoming monthly newsletter.


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