Sunday, May 15, 2005


I took my lunch hour on my back porch yesterday (I moved into my rehabilitated house on May 1). The weather was perfect -- a very light breeze, clear & sunny, not too cool, not too warm. The porch is roomy (16' X 16'), secluded, and directly off the kitchen. I propped up my book (Jared Diamond's "Collapse"), read, listened to the mocking birds, and enjoyed a leisurely midday meal.

As one of my neighbors commented a few days ago about having moved into my grandparents' house, I guess I've "throwed out my big anchor."


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  1. Anonymous8:01 PM

    Dear Philip,
    You've waited a long time for this. Enjoy every lunch like you did yesterdays on your new porch. You deserve it. Carol in Ohio. We'll be down later in June and I can't wait.