Sunday, May 08, 2005

Storm & Fire Update

Reports now indicate that Friday's storm had sustained winds of up to 61 mph, and gusts to115 mph! Several trees in the village came down and at least a few under-the-house storage & workspace enclosures were innundated. However I have heard of no major storm damage or flooded vehicles.

The rental house that burned was the "Joy Bell" house on O'Neal Drive. I understand that the combination of fire and water damage will probably render the house a total loss.

For most of us the village is back to normal today. Just a bit of cleanup and drying out.

I believe I'll pour me a cold drink, sit on my front porch, and prop my feet up on the porch railing. Wave if you're walking by.


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  1. Hi,

    Here’s a little report from the other end of the state, you’ve inspired me to write.

    Like you I was sitting on our back porch watching the shadows get longer & longer over the valley below us. The sun is setting off the other side of the mountain. The trees & fields below are bright green, and the tree line coming up the side of the mountains is starting to get greener. Everyday the line gets higher up the mountains with full green trees, it will soon be to the top of ole Saddle. Know you & I both are thankful for the beauty & peace of our porches. Even if they are 300 miles apart as the Hawk shores or the Duck flies. Hope everyone has a special place to relax, especially the Mothers today.

    Thanks for letting us all know which house it was, hate to see anything burn especially on Ocracoke. The wife asked me this morning, on the way to our annual Mothers Day breakfast at our local fire house, which house had burnt on the island. Know your guys did their best to save the house. I’m meet several of the Volunteers Fire fighters on Ocracoke during our visits. As a collector of Old Dodge Fire Trucks, I’ve always been encouraging them to keep the old 4x4 60's model pumper they have.

    THANKS for keeping us outside lovers of the Island informed. Remember you’ve got a free place to stay in the Mtns, if you ever want to get to this end of the state. Remember we are the friends of David & Cheryl S., that live near the place they first got in the Mtns, before they move to the other Mtns. Haven’t seen them in several months, hope they will come this way soon.

    Take Care,

    Nollie & Pam