Thursday, May 26, 2005

Happy to Have Run Ashore

Yesterday evening I sat at table between Mildred O'Neal & Roy Parsons. Mildred's husband, John Thomas, and Roy's wife, Elizabeth, were there also, along with other islanders. The occasion was a potluck dinner at the Ocracoke Assembly of God church. Their preacher, John White, and his wife, Kristin, will be leaving the island, and the congregation hosted the dinner to acknowledge and thank the Whites for their contributions to the church and the community.

I had just finished off the last piece of my coconut pie when Roy turned to me and asked, "Have you run ashore yet?" Of course, I had. To run ashore is a local island term meaning to have your fill at table. And it was "good some," too.

Next time you eat out on the island, tell your waiter when you've run ashore. If s/he takes your comment in stride without looking puzzled you can be fairly certain that s/he is a native or long-time resident.


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