Sunday, October 28, 2012

Almost 8 Years and 3 Months From Alex

Sandy is reminding us all of Hurricane Alex. There are reports all over the island of Sound water pouring in. Some are without power, but in our little nook here on Howard St. we are dry and somewhat protected from the winds. I'm not sure how much longer we will be dry as the water is creeping down Blanche's driveway and School Rd. looks like School River instead.

This photo selection is thanks to Miggy O'Neal. Following posts will have photos from other friends as I get them.

An angry Pamlico Sound
Where is the dock?


This gives the buoy a whole new meaning.

Waterway, not driveway anymore.

"At least it's old"

British Cemetery Road (around the corner on the left is the British Cemetery)

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  1. Annette11:54 AM

    My husband and I were on the second day of our honeymoon in Ocracoke when Alex hit. We were staying on Poker Player Road in what was then known as the "Sand Flee". That morning the locals were brushing off the storm, so instead of provisions we just stocked up on beer. (Not the most prudent decision.)

    The photos from Sandy are very reminiscent of what we experienced in that storm. Watching the water rise up and drown our VW Golf was an impressive sight (the poor thing started honking right before it died), as was seeing someone swim down the street. Luckily that was the worst of it. Made some friends in the aftermath and waited two days for ride back to the mainland. Very memorable honeymoon!

    We've been back to Ocracoke many times since, it's still our favorite vacation spot. Irene cut our vacation short last year but we were very understanding about the need to evacuate.

    Hope the waters from Sandy are receding now and everyone is safe. Cheers!