Tuesday, October 02, 2012

Tuesday Morning

There is a certain appeal that a day like today has -- it is grey and overcast, with a bit of rain and enough breeze to make the trees sway. Since it's October, and the pace of daily life on Ocracoke has slowed down, this is the perfect day to stay home, catch up on correspondence, read a book, experiment in the kitchen...or take a nap.

Our latest Ocracoke Newsletter is a gallery of photos of fences on Howard Street and Lawton Lane. To go directly to the this month's Newsletter click here: http://www.villagecraftsmen.com/news092112.htm


  1. Anonymous10:19 AM

    Sounds like empty nester syndrome. Now that the children have grown and gone their way if one is left to themselves and their gainefull work occupation the day actually is more challenging. Does one ask themselves what will I do today. Mulch the yard. do the laundry, go to the market or make do today. A schedule and routine are still important in the time not "on the job". Today I am drinking left over cold coffee maybe I will vacuum but that radio story about the particles that are in our homes from fire retardant furniture and what not- these flakes of chemicals that filter down into our carpet for us to breathe and compromise our quality of life OMG what an I doing see ya a hoover is calling my name.

  2. I vote for a . . . nap.

  3. Dawn Taylor7:20 AM

    It was definitely a grey day on Hatteras and Ocracoke, but weather still had a charm all of it's own. After being on the island the night before to hear Skye and Danielle do their thing at the Deepwater Theater, a friend and I headed back to Ocracoke for lunch and to just wonder around. Stopped by the the OPS' Museum to schedule a day for HIGPS to use their research library. Seriously considering offering some of my time there,to help with a very good cause.