Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Tuesday Morning

All indications are that Ocracoke village has been spared major damage from hurricane Sandy. I still don't know the full extent of various problems -- flooded cars, tree limbs down, etc. -- but I believe Sandy's impact here is minimal. We are still waiting to learn about the condition of NC Highway 12 on Ocracoke and farther north on the Outer Banks.

In the meanwhile our thoughts go out to all of our friends and fellow citizens in the northeast who are dealing with deaths, severe damage, and widespread destruction from this powerful storm.


  1. Anonymous11:28 AM

    so thankful folks there are okay. we fared well here in southern Maryland for which I am most thankful. I appreciate you keeping us informed - Sherrill Page

  2. Anonymous3:01 PM

    Delaware sustained mostly widespread flooding. I feel bad for those in New Jersey and NYC.
    I'm on vacation this week and had planned to be on Ocracoke. Hwy 12 has been compromised and the Swan Quarter/Cedar Island ferries are running emergency services only "for the next few days."

    TTFN, Bear MacDonald