Sunday, October 28, 2012

More Photos

Melissa Garrish Sharber shared these photos with us.

Hwy 12 towards the Variety Store

A back yard

Corner of Back Rd and Hwy 12 (@ Pirate's Chest)

Hwy 12 (looking into the Pony Island Motel lawn)

Hwy 12 from Pirate's Chest looking toward the harbor

Hwy 12

Hwy 12 looking away from the harbor


  1. Debbie Leonard11:45 AM

    Thanks for the pictures! We have a house on Cutting Sage Rd, the orangey-yellow house right next to the Lewis'. If you get any pictures from down that way, please post. We are curious as to how much water is there.

  2. Anonymous12:42 PM

    I'm amazed that there is such a place as "high ground parking" on Ocracoke. Where is that high ground?

  3. Where do folks put cars to protect them from a storm surge?? There are a few small hills and higher ground in the village. In front of the Island Ragpicker is one place. Another is on the other side of Silver Lake, past the Horizon Condos. I have a small hill behind my house, and another behind the Village Craftsmen.