Monday, October 17, 2016


Although Hurricane Matthew downed several trees and brought tides higher than most islanders could remember, and several homes had significant floodwater damage, by and large Ocracoke was spared widespread devastation. For the past week we have been cleaning up debris from yards and emptying outbuildings that were flooded. Hyde County has hired a contractor who will be coming to the island, starting this Wednesday, to haul away water-damaged items that have been placed alongside the roads.

Piles of debris may not be very attractive, but they will soon be gone. The island is drying out, and the weather has been superb...bright, sunny skies, temperatures in the mid-70s, and low humidity. 

As always, Ocracokers have weathered a serious storm by working together as a community, neighbors helping neighbors. We are looking forward to another beautiful fall and more stellar weather. We expect to see visitors returning to the island later today.

Full Moon over my House

This month's Ocracoke Newsletter is about earthquakes that have affected Ocracoke and the Outer Banks. You can read the newsletter here:

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