Sunday, October 09, 2016

Water, Water Everywhere...

Amy Howard here posting from off island since the power is out and services are limited on the island. I evacuated for Hurricane Matthew and am just now getting photos of the highest tides people have seen on Ocracoke in at least 40 years. Our thoughts are with all the other communities and towns and families who have experienced tides like this and worse. We will try to post more as we can. Most people are still playing it safe and just taking photos from their porches!

Looking at the Village Craftsmen from my house...I think we'll have a new tide line to mark!

 Looking toward the Island Inn on the "safe" lot that "never floods"

 On the same "safe" lot as above looking toward the harbor.

 Philip now has lake front property!

 The Slushy Stand

 Corkey's Store on Creek Road photo by Ken Debarth

 Lighthouse Road (in between the two fences) photo by Paula Schramel

Looking across Hwy 12 at the Post Office and Jason's Restaurant photo by Carol and Warren Ritchie


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  2. Marie from PA9:07 AM

    Thank you for these posts, Amy. What a watery mess! Hopefully those who stayed back are safe?

  3. I'm thankful you're safe, Amy. These pictures take my breath away. Praying for everybody through this and in the days to come as cleanup gets underway.

  4. So far I have heard that everyone on the island is safe. There is just a lot of water!

  5. Thanks so much for the updates! I've been thinking about my favorite place and wondering how everyone is doing. Glad to hear that all are safe.

  6. Wow....did the water push in from the ocean side?

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  8. Anonymous9:35 AM

    NC Mainlander is speechless...amazing and disturbing photos. Thinking of all. Thanks, Amy.

  9. It was sound side flooding as far as I can tell. I haven't heard anything about the ocean side or our road yet. I will try to keep this posted. I have also posted some other photos and videos on our Facebook page.

  10. Anonymous11:40 AM

    Has the municipal water/waste water system been compromised?

  11. I woke up on Ocracoke at 6am Yesterday Morning and Read about 40-60mph Winds.
    Kept Hearing "Storm Surge" in terms of Feet (not inches) and Double Digit Inches of Rain
    Saw a Post that the Last Ferry to Hatteras was at 8am....Figured it Might be Wise to Take Advantage of It and Head Back to Connecticut

    Looks like I made the Right Decision!!

  12. Anonymous1:40 PM

    just glad everyone is safe! Stuff can be replaced. People can't.

  13. Anonymous2:35 PM

    Hope all are ok...storm has probably ruined my vacation there. :(

  14. We have no waste water plant, just septic tanks, so be careful walking in the water! The water system is deep enough to remain safe and uncontaminated.